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  1. cubsfan815

    EAminoMax Logging Opportunity! New Performax Labs Product

    EAminoMax The number one factor that affects your body composition and athletic performance is training. The number one factor that affects training is your nutrition, and part of any complete nutrition plan is appropriate supplementation. It should come as no surprise that protein is the...
  2. cubsfan815

    Cubsfan815 doing research with MA Research's Sildenafil

    Welcome everyone to my Sildenafil log! Thank you to the team at MA Research for sending me a bottle to run some tests on.. Few quick things I noticed: Shipping was super fast. I sent my address and received product 2 days later. Priority mail Packaging was neat and discreet. Bottle was...
  3. cubsfan815

    FitMax BOGO is now live!!

    Today we released FitMax our brand new powdered fatburner. You can grab it on our website for just $22.50 per unit during the introductory bogo. ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED FRIDAY 1/26 Clean energy Appetite suppression Increased focus Improved performance Consistent weight loss
  4. cubsfan815

    Your Chance to Try OxyMax! Fully Open Label Thermogenic Sample Giveaway

    2017 was a big year for us here at Performax Labs, so we wanted to take a minute to thank you for seeing us along the journey! We put in a lot of time and energy into giving the brand a whole new look, complete with updated formulas and all new product launches! We are very proud of all the...
  5. cubsfan815

    Your Chance to Try HyperMax.. The #1 Best Pre workout of 2017* Sample Giveaway

    2017 was a big year for us here at Performax Labs, so we wanted to take a minute to thank you for seeing us along the journey! We put in a lot of time and energy into giving the brand a whole new look, complete with updated formulas and all new product launches! We are very proud of all the...
  6. cubsfan815

    >>MassMax XT Logging opportunity! March Mass-ness is here<<

    Performax Labs wants you to try our newest Natural Anabolic: MassMax XT Benefits: Increase protein synthesis Improve body composition Increased muscle mass And More! Label To Enter Please answer the following questions 1. Age 2. Years Training 3. Other Natural Anabolics you have used...
  7. cubsfan815

    No payment options

    Hi all, I'm trying to place order and it says no payment option for my state. I know IL sucks lol, but seems like glitch. I'm leaving for vacation tonight, and would like to get this wrapped up before I leave. Thanks NutraPlanet15
  8. cubsfan815

    Three Loggers needed for PowerMax XT - Maximum Perfomance Powder

    Performax Labs is looking for 3 or more people to log PowerMax XT. PowerMax XT is a daily ergogenic that should be in everyone's rotation. It is a great all in one product that will help with: Strength, Recovery, Pump, Endurance, and Hydration. Please see full write-up below. We need loggers...
  9. cubsfan815

    Performax Labs Alphamax Logging Opportunity

    After giving away 6 bottles of SlinMax to loggers on Thanksgiving, Performax Labs is at it again giving away a bottle of Alphamax to one lucky logger! With that said, lets let the cat out of the bag.. Alphamax XT is in the works! For a chance to log the original Alphamax, just tell me what...
  10. cubsfan815

    Dieting Has never Felt This Good! OxyMax XT loggers Needed

    Check out our newest release OxyMax XT. Performax Labs wants to give 2 people an opportunity to log a bottle. Oxymax has a a great profile, and provides a great smooth energy with mood boosting effect. The ingredients have great synergy and work together amazingly. All we need is a 500 word...
  11. cubsfan815

    2015 NFL Draft Alphamax Logging Opportunity!

    Welcome Everyone! The NFL Draft is finally back in sweet home Chicago!! To celebrate Performax Labs would like to giveaway a bottle of Alphamax for logging. How to enter, give us your best guess on picks 1-16 in the first round. We know there could be some trades that change things up, so...
  12. cubsfan815

    Get HYPER.. 2 Hypermax mini loggers needed!! Spring Ahead

    Performax Labs would like to giveaway 2 tubs of Hypermax for 2 mini loggers To enter is simple. Just tell us your favorite thing about Spring. You can post pics, or just say it. We ask that you keep a mini log in the supplement logs section. For a mini log, just post a few times for two...
  13. cubsfan815

    Swinging the Wood.. Cubsfan and Volume

    First I would like to thank thebigt and IronChampUSA for picking me to test out Volume. I was however sent 1 bottle of Volume and 1 bottle HPTA. I had planned on just doing Volume so I could play around with doses some, if you guys want I can send in the HPTA in exchange for another bottle of...
  14. cubsfan815

    Black Monday

    Rex Ryan is first casualty. Who's next? Hopefully entire Bears staff from president down.
  15. cubsfan815

    Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500

    Anyone else have this Ninja Mega Kitchen? I picked it up last weekend. Comes with 3 travel mugs, the 72oz blender, and the 8 cup food processor. It can do complete juicing, meaning it does not kick out skin, seeds, etc. Also can make soft serve ice cream etc. Hoping others have one so we can...
  16. cubsfan815

    TWO LOG opps for FITMAX KIWI STRAWBERRY! Ready for Summer?

    Fitmax Kiwi Strawberry has been exclusive to Australia however we are now bringing this delicious flavor to the US! As some of you may know, the Midwest had one of the worst winters we have ever seen. Freezing cold, Ice Storms, Snow, it actually snowed just a few weeks ago!! Now the temps are...
  17. cubsfan815

    Cubsfan Gets Alpha to the Max.. AlphaMax & FitMax

    Thanks to the awesome Guess and Win Promo from the guys over at Performax, I was able to win a bottle of AlphaMax! This product looks like it is put together very nicely. It has a lot of quality ingredients that I have stacked before, but this time all in one product. They also threw in their...
  18. cubsfan815

    A Cubsfan and his MAN package.. Pure PF3 Log

    Thanks for dropping by.. A big thanks to MAN sports for choosing me as a logger for their new highly talked about product Pure PF3.. I have followed many of the conversations regarding Bio- Active Protein, and I am excited to learn more about it. Those of you who have followed my other logs...
  19. cubsfan815

    Athletix Acute FX Sample

    Sorry this took so long lol. Thanks to JD for picking me to review. So for anyone who follows any logs I have done, you may remember I am no longer a big stim fan. I used to abuse the crap out of EC and 1,3 products, and my body can no longer handle it. For that reason, I spaced the caps out...
  20. cubsfan815

    Blackhawks won the Cup, and Lecheek filled my Cup Pump X3

    Thanks to Marms and Lecheek Nutrition for an awesome Stanley Cup promo. It was a lot of fun, especially since the Chicago Blackhawks won!!!! I was also lucky enough to win the number generator (sorry other Hawks fans) and choose Pump X3. I read a lot of good reviews about it, and who doesn't...