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  1. SUK Gold Hulu Kapuas Old Forrest

    Appreciate the opportunity to try out some of the new products. This mini log will be for the Gold Hulu. In typical SUK fashion, packaging is quality and they are one of the only vendors that includes a scoop. It's a nice touch and helps with quick measurement. I've measured and weight several...
  2. Selank experience?

    Interested in trying this to see how effective it is with stress and anxiety and it seems it is generally available through peptide sources, but was curious of anyone's personal experience and possibly recommendations on where to purchase.
  3. StraightUpKratom Old Forest

    So I will start this with a disclaimer that I don't believe in any color or "strain" differences, only batch differences. With that being said, I have taken kratom from many different vendors over the last 4 years and the stuff that SUK is selling now is in my top 1-2 favorites. I've got...
  4. 1cP-LSD

    Has anyone tried this? I have been reading a lot about it and it seems to have all the benefits of LSD-25, but with a shorter duration and smoother come on. I've read tons over at Reddit, but it would be nice to see some experiences here before I pull the trigger.
  5. Experience with 9-MBC?

    Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve read some anecdotal info on some other sites I don’t really trust and manufacture info is basic. Looking to see fellow AM brothers and sisters that may have info to share.
  6. Unprocessed vs Processed vs Ultra-processed

    Not overly surprising, but still a good read on weight gain with ultra-processed foods vs others. What constitutes ultra vs processed foods:
  7. FDA stepping in again******** I don't see this as anything earth shattering as this has been going on for awhile, but Scott Gottlieb needs to get his name into the news again.
  8. Nice read on muscle memory
  9. 83 Evidence based strength and nutrition Q+A

    This was posted up over in r/advancedfitness and thought I would share. Would be good for some guys new to training and having questions, along with the studies to back them up. 83 Evidence Based Answers to Fitness and Nutrition FAQs | Three Storm Fitness
  10. Reported Dr John Crisler died of heart failure Just saw this, they are talking about it on all of the other TRT and anti-aging sites. Apparently passed away yesterday due to heart failure. Of note- he was fiercely in defense of AIs until very recently and apparently conceded that they are in...
  11. Sup3r-Epi availability

    Is this still available? I am a huge fan of epi-andro and would like to try this but everyone seems to be out of stock.
  12. Gaming device recommendations

    Hey all, I know absolutely nothing about gaming and we want to get our kids a system for Christmas but have no idea where to start. 2 daughters, 7 and 10. Can I get some ideas and recommendations from you so we can get ahead of the more popular choices before they sell out for the season?
  13. Haritaki powder

    Has anyone tried this? I've been researching it after hearing how well it works for cleansing and one of the main benefits everyone reports is how well it improves concentration. As we know, gut health affects our cognitive ability, so it makes sense. I'm going to order some, but wanted to see...
  14. Odd lab results

    Been on TRT for about 7 years and labs have always been where I and the doc have expected, but just went and got labs as part of 6 month check and they were considerably higher than expected for some reason. I inject 120mg weekly and last injected on Thursday, so I was about 4.5 days in and...
  15. Propranolol

    I picked some up based on feedback on some threads here and talking to some of the people I have a great amount of admiration for their ability to speak in large groups. I had 3 very high profile meetings with groups ranging from 20-100 people today, all at the executive level over the last two...
  16. Kratom in the news- not sure if it's good

    Can the kratom plant help fix the opioid crisis? - CNN As Trump prepares to call opioid and crisis, I imagine we'll start seeing more articles on the benefits of kratom, which will likely turn into discussion on the regulation and safety of it.
  17. Short Vicaine log

    One of our members was kind enough to send me some his personal bottle to try out, so I am going to run a short log to pass along my experience. I am starting today with 1 cap and will take 2 tomorrow and 3 the following. I'll post up what I observe after each and use the next few days running...
  18. Kratom withdrawal

    I didn't want to believe it, but it is real. So I admittedly lost track and have been taking it almost every day for the last month because I was enjoying the feeling so much and assumed that as I was still feeling all the goodness, primarily from switching strains, I must not have any issue...
  19. Lab difference 50mg test cyp e3.5d vs 100mg 1x week

    Found it interesting and thought I'd share. I am still waiting for all labs to come back for my review, but I had my 6 month labs and ordered a CBC with it. Everything on the CBC stayed about the same other than hematocrit, which did go up .3, so no big deal and I wasn't fully hydrated so I...
  20. Musclegelz Androhard log

    I'm 43, been weight training seriously for 26 years, been training in kick boxing and krav maga for about 6 years now and have been on TRT for almost 7 years. I decided to add in Androhard to my protocol for 8 weeks and determine results. I've never used a PH or ran any gear outside of TRT...