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  1. Good "Beginner" Cycles

    It seems the only US-source for 11-oxo I can find is out of stock of this stuff. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Just wondering, is the Androsterone that's in this basically what 11-oxo is, or is this something else?
  3. Good "Beginner" Cycles

    Should I run 11-oxo as long as I run the 1-andro? Or should I do a longer 11-oxo cycle then add 1-andro later?
  4. Good "Beginner" Cycles

    Is it still confirmed that 450-600mg 11-oxo is still good? I prefer caps over transdermal/gels.
  5. Good "Beginner" Cycles

    Hello everyone. I've never really posted in this section before but I posted here for years before a break. I have 8 years of training experience (on/off in different disciplines of running/lifting etc) and I turned 30 recently and figure I want to try one of these. I used to read back in the...
  6. Best Alpha-Y products?

    Need to cut some weight soon and this has always been the most effective. Who's selling the best quality/best priced stuff?
  7. Nootrol cycling

    Does this need to be cycled? Quick FAQ/google search couldn't give me conclusive info
  8. Insuligen: New MA Labs Product

    Where do I buy this stuff? EDIT: Wow, it's amazing I didn't look at the link at the bottom....
  9. Stacking BLR Nootrol and Evomuse Clear Edge.

    I have used Clear Edge on it's own, but not BLR Nootrol yet.
  10. Stacking BLR Nootrol and Evomuse Clear Edge.

    Any bad interactions? Would this be a sick "learning" stack?
  11. OLYMPUS LABS taking over the rest of 2018!!

    Was gonna buy some OL goodies. Sounds like I should wait a little longer.
  12. King's Slayer, Epilogue, Massacre - what's the deal?

    Been away for awhile (vaguely active in the gym still though). What is the lowdown on these? Looking for opinions from non-reps and unsponsored log people :)
  13. Supplements to help VO2 Max/Keep Heart Rate Low

    Higher VO2 max will help, so I'll look into that too. Got any suggestions for good Peak02 products?
  14. Supplements to help VO2 Max/Keep Heart Rate Low

    Already tailored my exercise program to that, but just trying to seek out an edge of course. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
  15. Supplements to help VO2 Max/Keep Heart Rate Low

    Yeah, I'm trying to avoid that, haha.
  16. Supplements to help VO2 Max/Keep Heart Rate Low

    Well, title says it all. I'm a race car driver these days so I've tailored my program to increasing my VO2 max, but wouldn't mind taking supps to help out too.
  17. Evomuse Defuse Dosing

    How about dosing for the old formula? Would it be 2/2 or 3/2 for a prolonged dosing? Or should I just stick to the old 4/4 dosing on the old stuff and do it for a max of 21 days. (since it's just a different formula and not meant to be used like this new one?)
  18. It's been awhile....looking to try some new stuff.

    Hey everyone. It's been awhile since I've been on the forums. I come here pretty infrequently these days but it seems there's a lot of new stuff out. What's everyone's new favorite AI, cortisol control, and test booster these days? Seems like OL has come up with a lot of natural anabolics as...
  19. Supplements to improve quality of life/perception of life.

    You're in the super commuter category then. Also, everyone, thanks for the suggestions.
  20. Supplements to improve quality of life/perception of life.

    Weird topic, but I couldn't phrase it better. Anyways, I am going to be moving farther out from my job in order to save money and I'll be doing what is dubbed as "supercommuting". I've read a lot about this, but what kind of supplements would you guys recommend to help keep the stress levels and...