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  1. LeanEngineer

    Vector and k1ngs blood stack?

    Hard to go wrong with an FD2.0 and Vector stack!
  2. LeanEngineer

    Alphamax xt log

    Nice! Swimming is my go to cardio. I'd rather swim than go take a long run.
  3. LeanEngineer

    I got fat and weak as I got older.

    Definitely looks like your focus is on the right topics to help you lose some weight. Being consistent with diet and training will be key. For natty test booster i'd look into viron by blr and alphamax xt. For fat burner i like alpha lean 7 by hard rock supplements.
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    IconicFormulations SUSTAIN ALPHA! GTFIH!

    Nice view! Phoenix area is perfect outside of the summer months in the middle of the day!
  5. LeanEngineer

    Supplements to take during PCT

    I'll second this. Anabolic effect either during or after pct would definitely be beneficial.
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    I'll definitely agree with this one. If in doubt always listen to the doc when it comes to your body :)
  7. LeanEngineer

    Journey To 175

    Definitely nice progress. It gets a lot harder to make that kind of progress as you get older.
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    Excited it's here! Everyone should definitely check out this one! Profile looks solid!
  9. LeanEngineer

    Alphamax xt log

    Nice. You're at a good start point/base for this alphamax run!
  10. LeanEngineer

    EP1LOGUE + True Shred Experience

    Nice final review! Glad True Shred treated you well!
  11. LeanEngineer

    Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    ^^^Definitely will be a nice transdermal product to try out!
  12. LeanEngineer

    Alternatives to CEL Cycle Assist?

    That's correct. We're currently out of stock but if you can sign up and get notified once back in stock.
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    KJ's Iconic Formulations Ultra Epi "SPONSORED" Log

    Agreed! It puts you in unknown territory for you body.
  14. LeanEngineer

    Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    Awesome! Gunna get shredded!
  15. LeanEngineer

    Alphamax xt log

    In on this log!
  16. LeanEngineer

    IconicFormulations SUSTAIN ALPHA! GTFIH!

    Exactly! What you don't see you don't know :)
  17. LeanEngineer

    KJ's Iconic Formulations Ultra Epi "SPONSORED" Log

    Nice! Anytime you're hitting PRs out of the blue you know something is working!
  18. LeanEngineer

    Best PEDs to enhance fasting fat burn?

    Agreed! That's the hardest part about a deficit is the mental hunger!
  19. LeanEngineer

    Best online Supplement stores

    I'm not going to argue with this :cool: Definitely head over to Strong Supplement Shop and check out all the products if you haven't!
  20. LeanEngineer

    Best Peanut Butter flavored protein?

    Agreed. I'm a peanut butter lover so really can't go wrong with anything PB flavored.