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  1. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    Well my gym just emailed me that as of tomorrow, they're closed again. So that will be fun. I hope they don't go out of business :(
  2. New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    And powders! This is exciting.
  3. My Dog Died Yesterday

    So sorry for your loss. Like others said, the pain doesn't go away, but the day to day gets easier.
  4. Work /business

    Lol I hear that about 10 times a day.
  5. Work /business

    I'm a used car salesman, and it's pretty rough. Before covid, I could reasonably expect to sell a car a day, obviously with exceptions here and there, but now 2-3 a week is typical. Oddly enough, I've been seeing about the same amount of customers, maybe just a few less, but with so many people...

    Can't wait to try some Alpha Seven!
  7. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    If I saw a store that had that sign out, I would tell the first employee I saw that I'm not wearing underwear, even if I was.
  8. Natural Anabolic supplements effects compared to mild anabolics and Sarms

    You'll spend 2-3 times as much to get something maybe equal to some of the more mild anabolics, but a lot of natural anabolics have health benefits whereas the non-natty stuff is usually detrimental to your health, so that's something to consider too.
  9. Best Halodrol brand 2020

    It's so weird to me, that store used to be a sponsor, and they're really big in the UK from what I understand. I think part of the problem is, when they sell you bunk gear, what are you going to do, complain to the police that they sold you fake illegal drugs? And they know no one can really do...
  10. RUIN a band name by changing one letter.

    For real though. Lol
  11. MK-677 Sources

    Maybe consider some berberine too to help control blood sugar.
  12. Answered Announcement Insider

    Do we need a code for the BOGO?
  13. Any anxiety sufferers here?

    For supplements, ime 7keto is underrated for mood, and during a panic attack, 500mg phenibut has been helpful to me (though it doesn't work immediately and you should use it very sparingly and as infrequently as possible). For what you can do: getting on a solid sleep schedule can work wonders...
  14. Lifting after triple bypass heart surgery, gonna show you how its done!

    I was just thinking about hgp, weird timing for his thread to become active again. Anyway, I'm rooting for you, big guy, and I hope everything is okay for you and your family. Maybe when he's feeling more recovered and the coronavirus dies down a bit, we'll see him again?
  15. USA MK677 FS

    I'd like to see the list too.
  16. Hi Tech Pharma 1 Andro,4 Andro, Deca Log

    Yup, clomid or nolva. I've heard good things about enclomiphene (not sure I spelled it right) but you don't see it discussed much.
  17. Hi Tech Pharma 1 Andro,4 Andro, Deca Log

    I'll tag along to see what kind of results you get. My only thought in your plan is that you would benefit from a serm in pct, and if you don't want to use one, there are better otc pct products, but then again, you will likely recover from andros fairly quickly without any pct, you'll just feel...
  18. 19-nor andro and 1-andro

    19nordhea is a 19nor, obviously, so hypothetically it could shut you down pretty good dependant on dose and length of time. I looked into 19nordhea for a while and had a hard time finding info, it doesn't seem like many people have run it, but those who have almost universally say the gains are...
  19. The New Product Release Thread

    All of that, plus all the ones I've tried don't mix well and taste bad, are the reasons I avoid beef proteins. Haha but also, the way beef proteins are marketed has always been kind of a red flag with me, with one of the more popular ones claiming more or less "you're strongest when you eat...

    I think it just effect some people more than others tbh, I ran 1andro with dermacrine and epiandro and while the equipment worked just fine, I had zero libido.