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    155lbs been there for about 2yrs. HELP

    No it will only hydrate you if it is in pure water form. The water in milk (it's mostly water, like all beverages) simply vanishes in your stomach once the proteins, sugars and fats have all been digested.
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    critique my full body WO

    That just means that you're focusing too much on arms. I'm not sure a full-body workout is the answer. Problems I see with your routine - Squats 3 times a week? Ouch. You are doing both flat and incline 2x/week but all you're doing for shoulders is military 1x/week. You're neglecting...
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    155lbs been there for about 2yrs. HELP

    Eat more. It is that simple. If you couldn't gain muscle (but were gaining weight, i.e. fat) then it might be more complicated. But if you're not gaining weight period then you're simply not eating enough. 3500 calories is now your maintenance intake. Eat more to gain.
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    sherdog releases it's rankings

    Does anybody know how they determine these rankings?
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    Arnolds work out

    :rofl: Seriously, though, that's a good idea.
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    Arnolds work out

    There is only one Arnold. What works for The Arnold may be a bit much for us mere humans.
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    dieting during a cycle..

    Most people will increase protein and possibly carb intake while bulking on-cycle, because the gear will repartition nutrients to muscle (thus inhibiting fat gain to some degree). While cutting it depends, but some people actually eat less on-cycle than off on the theory that the steroids will...
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    How long a break before losing significant muscle/strength?

    Well that's pretty absurd unless you completely take off eating as well.
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    Optimum 100% Whey Gold Standard

    It's weird because at TP the prices per pound are: egg white protein = $10.79 WPI cold-filtered = $9.29 WPI micro-filtered = $9.59 WPI ion = $9.89 WPC = $5.89 So egg is almost double WPC, but barely more expensive than WPI. But yet egg products cost at least 2-3x more than whey mixes...
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    dieting during a cycle..

    Do you mean "what diet should I eat on a cycle" or "cutting (losing fat) on a cycle"?
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    Cocaine Energy Drink

    Caffeine overdose is not fun:
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    Getting big

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    Optimum 100% Whey Gold Standard

    I love eggs and egg protein, but egg protein is damn expensive in powdered form.
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    leukic creakic gakic?

    MT is VERY overpriced, and many of their supplements are junk in the sense that they deliver only mild benefits but claim huge benefits... But they're certainly not dangerous, and some of them do work well (although not better than similar supps at 1/3 the price). So if you got them for free...
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    want to start packing on muscle

    Do your pre-workout and post-workout shakes include carbs? If not, they should.
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    testosterone levels after steroids

    What cycles were you doing before you stopped? Which substances and how long? How many cycles total have you done? When did you get your "before" and "after" levels tested? How old are you?
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    Decrease Frequency = Decrease Overload OR Decrease Frequency = More Time Recover

    Well DC isn't full-body, usually it's a 2-day split. But it's definitely increased frequency, decreased volume, and high intensity.
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    Decrease Frequency = Decrease Overload OR Decrease Frequency = More Time Recover

    If you are feeling slightly tired and overtrained, then you may be overdoing it a little. Also, even if your strength isn't decreasing, it should be INCREASING. Sometimes rest is the best way to burst past a plateau. More frequency is always nice, but every 5 days is only about 17% less than...
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    Long term freezer storage of PH's...

    Yes, I bet they're still "good". Maybe not 100% potency, but my guesstimate is 80-90%. Even though vacuum sealing is best because it prevents oxygen exposure, sealed bottles will still limit oxygen exposure to a large degree. And I think temp is an even bigger factor. Even if the bottles had...
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    testosterone levels after steroids

    Well if he was cycling almost nonstop for 20 years, his testes would probably be permanently atrophied, especially if he wasn't using HCG. But that happens after years of use, not after a 4-12 week cycle.