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  1. NattyBeast

    High heart rate on T3?

    Hi! After a long time of not working out because of work, I started getting back in shape. The thing is that now I'm around 22-23% bf and not as fit as I was before I joined the army. I've run T3 cycles at 50 to 75mcg ed in the past, and never had high heart rate issues. Now I'm 3 days into a...
  2. NattyBeast

    Unanswered Oxygen Pharma-Legit or fake?

    So I've ordered this from a colleague who does bb. I had ordered from arl 3 months ago but they have yet to arrive, due to some problems they said. He normally uses arl too but he said this too was g2g. Anyway is it g2g? I've done my first inj 2 days ago, tomorrow's the 2nd one coming
  3. NattyBeast

    Unanswered Cheap protein sources that do not need fridge

    Hi all! I currently serve at my country's army and I want to get back to my training asap. The thing is apart from the army food, in order to supplement my protein intake, what would be some good choices for food? I already have whey protein, pb and cans of tuna. What else can I get that I can...
  4. NattyBeast

    Unanswered Novepharm Labs

    Anyone tried novepharm gear? I have gotten these via a friend and don't know if they're any good. I want to start a new cycle now that I'm in the army. I have gotten test e and t bol. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  5. NattyBeast

    Next cycle advice- Test Bold Tren

    I was trying to construct my next cycle, as i want to maintain or even gain a little more mass whilst cutting down some fat before mid summer. I was thinking of running the cycle at maintenance or slightly above ~200-300cals. I was thinking of running arl Russia's Test Bold Tren 550 for 10...
  6. NattyBeast

    When should I expect shutdown from Test E?

    I started my first cycle after lots of research, consisting of 500mg/wk test e for 10 weeks, and 50mg day/tbol for 40 days (i will use it at the end of the cycle) When should i expect to see shutdown from the test? I know test e kicks in at around 5-6 weeks to see it working, but does...
  7. NattyBeast

    Am i pinning correctly? 21G ventrigluteal pin with no pain at all.

    Hello fellow am folks. I pinned my self for the first time today and im wondering if i did it right. I pinned 1ml test e @250mg/ml (i will be pinning Mon-Thurs for 500mg/wk). I used a pico-solution sterilised 21 gauge needle for im injections. I used z track technique on the ventrigluteal...
  8. NattyBeast

    German Volume Training results?

    Hi everyone! A friend of mine that we train together is going to start GVT next week and told me to try it too. His program will look something like this: Main excersise 10x10 Accessory 1 3x12 Accessory 2 3x10-8 Accessory 3 3x8-10 Im thinking of running it after the end of my two powerlifting 6...
  9. NattyBeast

    Epi and nolva detection time?

    Hi! I was wondering for how long does epi and nolva show up on blood and urine tests. Im not talking about a sports blood/urine banned substance specific test. Just general health blood and urine (blood, hematocrit, blood lipid profile, blood sugar, and stuff like that) tests. Im about to run a...
  10. NattyBeast


    What would be better as cycle support/liver protection? I can get pharma grade UDCA from the pharmacy dirt cheap (URSOFALK 250mg per pill, 30 pills pack, 5.80€ per pack). Im going to run epi 30mg/day for 4 weeks. How does UDCA compare to TUDCA? Ive read that tudca is just as effective but its...
  11. NattyBeast

    Rapid Fatloss Diet thoughts?

    What are your thoughts on the rapid fatloss diet? Ive read about it on powerliftingtowin's website, and i was wondering if it actually works to drop fat fast. Like going from 19 to ~15% in a few weeks, in order to kickstart a proper cut. Has anyone use it? What were the results? Would you advise...
  12. NattyBeast

    Training while on cycle?

    How does training on cycle change? What program/split do you follow? Do you favor volume vs intensity, or increase both due to the reduced recovery time? Im starting my first cycle in a few weeks (epi and possibly test e) and i was wondering wjat changes could i make to take full advantage of...
  13. NattyBeast

    Primus ray labs?

    Has anyone ever used primus ray labs' products? Im looking to add some test e or susta 250 on my epi cutting cycle, and i found primus ray labs. A friend of mine has a box of var that he hasn't used yet, but on wuick searches i find mixed opinions, sometimes saying they're legti, others...
  14. NattyBeast


    Hi! Im about to start my first epi cutting cycle (olympus labs epi, 30mg/day for 4 weeks), and i was wondering if i can stack it with proviron, in order to combat libido loss and low energy whilst on cycle. Maybe 50-75mg per day. I dont care about thd cost since it's dirt cheapin my country...
  15. NattyBeast

    Thoughts on BRAWN Epi for cutting

    Hi guys! Im thinking of running my first ph cycle. It will be 30 days of 20mg ed of epistane. More specifically the one made by brawn. Ill be taking tudca everyday on cycle and my pct will consist of nolva 20/20/10/10. Has anyone run that ph? Is the dosage correct? Is it of good quality...
  16. NattyBeast

    Clen + T3 cutting stack effectiveness&safety

    Hello! I have run a t3 cycle twice and managed to get down to 19% bf. Now i finally got diet in check and i keep loosing bf, but im looking to accelerate the process. Im thinking of running clen along with 50-75mcg T3 for 4-5 weeks max. A friend of mine suggested doing this like that: Day 1...
  17. NattyBeast

    Opinions on Primus Ray Labs

    Hello all! I have access to Test E, Oxandrolone and Tamoxifen from Primus Ray Labs and I was wondering if any of you guys have run it, and your opinions on the company. The prices are affordable and the packaging has batch numbers and dates, glass ampules and a code to verify in their website...
  18. NattyBeast

    Body Fat estimate

    Hi guys! Im about two weeks into my cut again with proper training and i also managed to get my nutrition in line. What do you guys think my bf% is? I'm thinking somewhere in the low 20's. I've lost like 90% of my moobs which im really glad about, and when I'm flexing my arms are pretty vascular...
  19. NattyBeast

    IGF 1 LR3 Results & IGF 2

    Hi guys! Has anyone of you ran a cycle of IGF 1 LR3? Preferably standalone What were the results? I keep searching the internet and there are guys that igf did nothing to them and others that swear by this stuff. What's your stand on that one? Tuere could be posaibly bunks, but still, there...
  20. NattyBeast

    IGF 1 LR3 Results & Info on IGF 2 LR3

    IGF 1 LR3 Results & Info on IGF 2 LR3 Hi guys! Has anyone of you ran a cycle of IGF 1 LR3? Preferably standalone What were the results? I keep searching the internet and there are guys that igf did nothing to them and others that swear by this stuff. What's your stand on that one...