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  1. jjohn

    Jjohn's IDFA Preparation

    SO!! After finishing 5th place in this year's IDFA show, I am preparing to hit the stage again next year. Last weekend I weighted in at 183.8 lbs after a very substantial cut, and aim for 195 next year. I will be working on more definition around the shoulders and legs mostly. I will be putting...
  2. jjohn

    Jjohn tests out SD Pharmaceuticals and Pharmafreak Lineup

    Hey guys long time no post! I have been pretty busy working on my training business and have had less and less time to spend on the forums. I am starting a log with some of SD Pharmaceuticals products and Pharmafreak's line. Here is a pic of the products I will be using. Note this will be on...
  3. jjohn

    BOS is under a denial of service attack!

    There will be a new book released by Bill, and this will contain analyses of different underground products, as well as what they REALLY contain. A certain underground lab was so pissed off they are presently attacking us with a DoS attack!! Pretty intense. But the book will still be released!
  4. jjohn

    Difference between GRF and 1295..

    What is the difference between (1-29) and 1295? I know they are both effective, but I can't find anything to tell me the difference. OPTION 1: GRF(1-29) 100 mcg + ghrp2 at 100 mcg each 3 times a day OPTION 2 CJC 1295 100 mcg + ghrp2 at 100 mcg each 3 times a day Thanks guys!!
  5. jjohn

    The DARKSIDE Feel Good Log!!!

    Guys this will be a 12 weeker.. HDrol gave me bad PB issues, so I had to stop this. Got me some good stuff to run and enjoy summer!! My priority is a good mood, and decent gains. I dont expect to be ripped to the bone with this cycle, but gain a good 15 lbs with some fat loss. I still havent...
  6. jjohn

    Molecular Nutrition is RECRUITING

    Allright, remember I told you guys that I was working on a special project? Well, here it is. Founded in 2001, Molecular Nutrition is a sport supplement company focused on producing premium quality supplements. Led by William Llewellyn, one of the brightest minds in the field, Molecular...
  7. jjohn

    New Molecular Nutrition Head Rep!!!

    Guys!! Please shoot a warm welcome to Cal!! He will be from now on the hear rep of Molecular Nutrition! He has provided excellent service ever since he has joined the team. I will still be around, but working on a new unit for the company. It shall be announced within the next few months...
  8. jjohn

    Opinions needed...

    I've read some things about GH, but I'd like to know what are your experiences. I would have some somatropin. Really expensive btw.. My main problems with test are: Acne is gross, and painfull. Depression was my case on my last EQ-Test. So I'm now in a situation where I had to stop the...
  9. jjohn

    Opinions needed

    Currently running an eq cycle. I love the vascularity, and the veins popping up everywhere. minimal bloat.. This is crazy fun! Just one thing, from what I've read, there is a lack of blood flow (down there) therefore I'm really sensitive, and I'm done within seconds. It gets up but I just finish...
  10. jjohn

    There's a new Aspire??

    How is it?? I can't find much reviews on it.
  11. jjohn

    Methyl Masterdrol - Question

    I have a question about people who have used this compound. How was the libido on this? Solo or with another compound, please post your feedback!
  12. jjohn

    Win a Free Anabolics 9th Edition!

    Guys, The book is out and rocks tha house!! Many updates are in there, a lot of ancilliaries, and many updates! I will be giving away 3 books in the next 3 weeks right here! Just random, like that. Good luck!
  13. jjohn

    Jjohn's Training Journal

    Allright... Time to get this thing started. Summer is coming soon and we gotta get ready! I have been skipping a day here and there because of the holidays, and I met someone whom I really care about, and sometimes the gym takes a hit. Not just the fact that it is skipped once in awhile, but the...
  14. jjohn

    GH Prescribed for past malnutrition

    I have a friend who has very fragile bones and breaks fingers easily etc.. I would assume GH could help with bone density. What's your take on this?
  15. jjohn

    Diesel Test, Act X and Sunami

    I just got those since my libido was trash. Now it's in full force, and I just got the package from NP. I was wondering how would you use them together? I was thinking of just dosing them: Sunami 2 caps-day DT 2010: 4 caps-day Act X 4 caps a day Just thought I'd ask, since some ingredients...
  16. jjohn

    ANABOLICS 9th Edition - NOW SHIPPING!‏

    The #1 Bestselling Anabolic Reference with more than 150,000 copies in circulation in more than 50 countries! ANABOLICS 9th Ed. NOW SHIPPING! It took 2 years to arrive, but William Llewellyn’s ANABOLICS 9th Edition is finally in our warehouse and shipping to customers! William Llewellyn's...
  17. jjohn

    Which car!!!!!

    Guys!!! I need some help. I'm still looking for a car, undecided.. I had some models in mind Lexus IS 250 Acura TL Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Special ed. Subaru WRX STI Toyota Avalon I know these are quite different in many ways.. But I just need something to replace my toyota echo 2000 that I...
  18. jjohn

    Libido boosters

    Guys, I'm curious... What is the best out there?? Currently using epi. I added Activate Xtreme and Prime to help out. It helps quite a lot, but there is still something missing, it's really hard to explain. The mentality of wanting to "go for it" is kinda not there... Any suggestions as to...
  19. jjohn

    Snowboarder's thread!

    For all who are boarding. This is the discussion spot!! Where's the best snowhill you've ever been to, what is the best stuff out there... I just got myself equipped with a Burton Custom Wide: I can't wait to try it out. Anyone experienced with this board?
  20. jjohn

    Operation Rock Hard: Epi log

    This is a log I am doing to get a little dryer and harder for the next month. I will be starting Epistane in about 1 week or so. Why did I choose Epistane over Havoc? 5$. IMO they're the exact same thing. Great feedback on both products. How much pounds do I think of putting on? 1-2 lbs would...