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  1. oogaly_boogal

    USA WTB Formestane

    Haha I wish. I might just order the powder overseas. I like exemestane but formestane made me ready to wreck ****.
  2. oogaly_boogal

    USA WTB : Eviscerate smoulder or OG

    Cheers, I actually found some online. Thank you though
  3. oogaly_boogal

    USA WTB Formestane

    Looking for the good stuff, have cash and pics of my boobs
  4. oogaly_boogal

    USA WTB : Eviscerate smoulder or OG

    Have cash
  5. oogaly_boogal

    USA Multiple supplements for sale

  6. oogaly_boogal

    USA Have various muscle builders along with AI

    List please
  7. oogaly_boogal

    USA Multiple supplements for sale

    Pls pm list. Thanks
  8. oogaly_boogal

    USA FS: Full bottle of EVOMUSE SUPERNOVA

    Still available?
  9. oogaly_boogal

    MA research customer service

    Yeaaah I messaged you but you're not replying, I've been around the block since peptides first came out running labs with them. My ghrp-2 seems to be bunk and isn't bringing up the proper test results
  10. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse Presents: GÜT HEALTH Ultimate

    Giving this a go for some ulcerative colitis, hoping it helps down the chanel
  11. oogaly_boogal


    In! Current diet protocol 200g protein 90g fat Pre workout =80g carbs + leucine + stimulant (to stay awake) followed by a 10-16hour carb fast Supplements I'm on at the moment: 0 Age: 25 W: 205lbs Bf: 16% I work security so I'm on my feet for 8 hours a day walking around then I lift for...
  12. oogaly_boogal

    HEMAVO2 MAX - The strongest pumps you can up for grabs for FREE!

    Can't believe I missed this!
  13. oogaly_boogal

    UK (UK/Europe/US Auction) Evomuse, virile mane, PES

    Looking for the BFF, slintensity, and epitome. Let me know if you decide to sell.
  14. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse BRITE™ Writeup

    I've been sleeping a lot less lately and still feel great... Haven't changed anything other than not having time to workout. I'm on hybrid, Brite and gut health. Slept 4 hours and felt fine today.
  15. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse BRITE™ Writeup

    Currently dosing it with meals, 2ml x 3 times a day. I tried 3ml morning and night, with 1ml mid day and had a significant raise in temp. I'd keep running that but don't want to run out too fast. Edit: that first two days running 3ml at a time where I had gastro distress was due to food, not...
  16. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse BRITE™ Writeup

    I woke up in a pool of sweat this morning, dosing the hybrid still and dropped it back down to 2ml. Loving it so far.
  17. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse BRITE™ Writeup

    3ml at once of hybrid no bueno haha, might be the food though so I'll be doing the same dose tomorrow.
  18. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse BRITE™ Writeup

    quick question, I plan to run two months continuous with epitome, one brite and one hybrid bottle. Would you suggest running brite first or the hybrid bottle first? Edit: in relation to potency and keeping the fat loss constant.
  19. oogaly_boogal

    EvoMuse BRITE™ Writeup

    just got mine in the mail!!! suggested use? I'd like to make the most of this and toss up a good ol' log.
  20. oogaly_boogal

    FREE Black Lion product giveaway.

    Congrats guys