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    USA WTB Formestane

    Looking for the good stuff, have cash and pics of my boobs
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    USA WTB : Eviscerate smoulder or OG

    Have cash
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    The Return of El Diablo (Sponsored log)

    Hey there! I Will be logging the NEW Diablo by ANS Performance. ANS was kind enough to give me a second chance with this product, the first having only been a trial bottle. Let's see what 60 servings gets out of me!!! First Review...
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    Forget Coffe, give me the devil! ANS Performance Diablo!

    ANS Performance recently gave me the opportunity to sample their new powdered fat burner Diablo! Let me just start off by saying, damn this stuff is tasty! I've been down the green mile of supplements and this stuff tastes just like a powerade type drink. What is also great about it being a...
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    Let's take this up to a whole notha' LEVEL! Level II (sp)

    Forumtech Nutrition gave me the opportunity to log their new Level II fat burner! Age: 22 Height: 5'11 SEX: Male Weight: 204lbs Goal Weight: 195lbs Workout Plan : I try to get in six days a week, more often than not I get in five. Currently recomping, diet isn't low calorie, so much...
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    Give em the D! (Recover-D and Supp-D review, sponsored)

    Shout out to everyone at NLA, especially Justin, for hooking it up with two AMAZING supplements. The Products! Let's begin with Supp-D The flavor I am reviewing is Raspberry Lemon Rage Ingredients: Servings per Container: 40 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Calories 10...
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    Let the GAMES BEGIN! (Sponsored GAMEDAY LOG)

    Thank you to everyone over at MAN for hooking it up with a 10 day supply of GAMEDAY! First let's talk about the product. : The Ultimate Performance Aid Sometimes you work your ass off for what seems like an eternity, then finally breakthroughs start happening, everything starts clicking, the...
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    IT'S T-T-T-T- TIME FOR SOME T-BLAST! (sponsored)

    Thanks to everyone over at NLA for hooking it up with a bottle of the new T-Blast to log! :fest30: Via NLA Performance: Muira Puama Also known as “potency wood”, this compound comes from a small tree in the Brazilian Amazon. Muira Puama is extracted from the bark and roots. Results begin...
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    Looking to trade a brand new formasurge for a formeron.
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    Formasurge question

    Have the new batches changed any? I have three bottles from the original first batch run and all of them give me a horrible rash. Also noticing a lot of other people developed the same rash from the first runs.
  11. oogaly_boogal

    Hey PA : N-Coumaroyldopamine , N-Caffeoyldopamine

    So studies have shown N-Coumaroyldopamine , N-Caffeoyldopamine are beta-2 agonist and increases cAMP...but in a test booster like PR-XT isn't that a bit counterproductive? In the sense that cAMP and mTOR can't function at the same time. I know Salbutamol, another beta-2 agonist, has shown...
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    Testabolan V2! Get swole and scary (Sponsored log, Oogaly_Boogal)

    :arms: Thank you to everyone over at iforce for the chance to log this.:arms: The Product: Testabolan V2 TESTABOLAN V2: The Muscle Building MAXIMIZER! iForce Nutrition revolutionized the Natural Muscle Enhancer market with the original Testabolan. Now we have taken it to the next level...
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    Lifting all kinds of weight with Origin! (sponsored by Genomyx)

    Shout out to Armando, Alan, Smitty and all the other good folks at Genomyx! Origin by Genomyx The profile: L-CitrullineThis alpha amino acid is going to be a surprisingly awesome add to your preworkout regiment if you haven’t already tried it. Some of the more popular products have been...
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    AX- Ultra reps! log/review

    Hey AM, was recently sent a bottle of Ultra Reps from AX; thanks to everyone over there. It does what it's supposed to, today I used it for the first day prior to boxing/cardio. I had bicep pumps which can be annoying but overall my energy/endurance was amazing. Taste : 5/5 Smell : 5/5 ...
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    Slintensity, staying lean and getting leaner!

    Thank you everyone atSouthland Performance for the chance to log this innovative nutrient partitioner. My current goals are simply to stay lean and possibly lean out more, which can be quite difficult at this time of the year. I'm an ex fat kid....forget Christmas, Thanksgiving is the best...
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    Shrink your gyno with formasurge/formeron!

    I have dealt with gyno for quite some time as I developed it in puberty. I once thought it was pseudo, but realized when I hit 168lb at ~9% that it was actual tissue. I tried nolvadex, it worked while it was in my system, but as soon as I came off my newly up regulated progesterone receptors...
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    Is sterile water for irrigation the same as for injection?

    The medical descriptions appear to be the same. If filtered through a .22um whatman syringe filter and added .09% BA would it be the same thing? Or is there some more viscosity or something I'm missing.
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    Formasurge allergy

    Just bought a few bottles since I love the inclusion of resveratol. I developed hives 6 hours post application. Is there anyway around this? I get the same reaction from southland performance's abliderate advanced which I see uses the same carrier.
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    signs of a gh bleed?

    Just took 100mcg cjc no dac and 100mcg ghrp-2 . Around 20-30 minutes after I developed a headache.
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    BA allergies

    I figgure if anyone knew, it would be you PA. Is there anyway to diffuse the histamine release of an allergic reaction to BA? I can inject intramuscular with no problems, but once I apply Abliderate Advanced or inject a peptide subcutaneous I breakout in a line of hives aka contact urticaria...