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  1. Sdog77

    USA FS: Olympus Labs Tr1umph and/or Bloodshr3d War - Both Sealed New & Ship Free

    Tr1umph - Berry Cherry Sorbet Exp 4/18 $40 Bloodshr3d - Orange Starkrush Exp 10/18 $30 Will sell individually or together for $65 Free shipping Not interested in trades Thanks!
  2. Sdog77

    StraightUpKratom's GREEN 20X RESIN Sample Log From Sdog

    What up good peeps! Shoutout to macedog24 for choosing me as one of their sample loggers for their Green 20x Resin. You can find this here: Looks like my package arrived over the weekend, so I will be updating this with pictures and first dosing when I get back in...
  3. Sdog77

    USA $40 EvoMuse Clear Edge Sealed 240 Ct. Bottles - Ships Within 24 Hrs *Free Ship*

    Got 2 Bottles sealed $40 per - 240 ct. - Exp. Date 5/2019 Free Shipping Google Wallet only / No Trades Thanks!
  4. Sdog77

    USA SNS X-Gels F/S

    3 Pack - $90 Shipped (300 softgels in total) Exp. 5/2019 Only accepting Google Wallet PM if interested Thanks!
  5. Sdog77

    Age Force IGF1 + MGF Time Released Patch Sponsored Log from SDog

    What up good peeps! Thanks for stopping by. Shout-out djbombsquad, wicked442, & pulsefit for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with these time released insulin growth factor patches. 90 DAY SUPPLY nonetheless!!! Thank you all! Applied my first patch lastnight on inner wrist...
  6. Sdog77

    Any Harm With This?

    I won a bottle of pBold back in January ~ Big thanks NurseGray & Hi-Tech! ~ and was thinking of running this along with the LG Bulking Kit to promote some final muscle growth before shedding for the summer. From how I understand this compound to work, I should see a slight increase in appetite...
  7. Sdog77

    Cortisol Control Question

    Lets say you only have 1 dose of a cortisol control product to take per day. When is the ideal time to take? Based on my limited knowledge, cortisol spikes highest upon waking and right after exercise, so would it be best to dose upon waking, right after working out, or perhaps before bed...
  8. Sdog77

    Dark Label DMZ-25??

    After doing some research and thinking ahead (meaning no less than 1-2 years from now), I may want to have some DMZ on hand to try. I'm seeing many companies have discontinued production of this compound due to the looming ban, so it may be purchase now or SOL for me to try this, assuming there...
  9. Sdog77

    Questions On pBold By LG

    I just won a bottle of this, so I'm very eager to try it. This will be my first PH cycle. Would it be recommended to run this for 1 or 2 months, and what kind of PCT would be required for this and for how long? I have some rebirth, reduce XT and various test boosters, would that combo...
  10. Sdog77

    Opinions/Advice On This Natty Bulk Stack

    I plan on starting a natty bulk next week and here is what I plan on trying as a stack along with ~ 500 calorie surplus per day Natadrol ABE Xgels Tr1umph My main question is, would there be any competing ingredients with adding the Natadrol to the other 3 (which I have already ran...
  11. Sdog77

    Natadrol by LG Questions

    Buddy of mine gave me 3 bottles of this and I can't find much recent info. The reviews I can see are of a few years old with some saying it was great and others saying it didn't do much. Here's my question: What the hell is it? A natty booster? Something I might need PCT for? And anyone with...
  12. Sdog77

    Ordering Blood Work Advice

    I got an order from my doc to get bloods done at LabCorp and here is whats on the order: Basic Metabolic Lipid Panel with chol/hdl ratio TSH CBC and differential Hepatic function panel Testosterone I just really wanted to see where my natural test is being I'm about to turn 40 and starting...
  13. Sdog77

    Expressing Gratitude

    Just wanted to give thanks to such an insightful forum and all it's members. I just got back into training this after 15 yr. layoff after being very sick. You guys have provided me with so much useful info and motivation and now I'm back on track and stronger than ever at 40. Enjoy the...
  14. Sdog77

    Simple Question About Blood Testing

    Roughly about how long would I have to wait to get blood work done to check Test levels after an 8 week natty test booster run to get an accurate reading on what my body naturally produces? Sorry, I'm fairly new to this aspect of the game. Thanks!
  15. Sdog77

    Question on Glycobol dosing

    So the suggested dosing on the bottle says to take 30 min prior to a crab meal for cutting and to take with meal for bulking. Have to excuse my ignorance because I'm new to these nutrient partitioners and can't seem to find my answer, but what is the nature in which this acts? So if you take...
  16. Sdog77

    1st PH run. Need help!

    Hey guys, fairly new to the forum, but I am constantly doing my homework on here and I thank you in advance for your time in considering my questions. I am considering running a cycle of 1-andro/4-andro (Super Mandro/Andro The Giant to be exact). I have seen some on here that say Triazole has...