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  1. DGator86

    Running PH (1-andro & epi-andro) on TRT

    My first ever run of prohormones was back in early 2018. I ran a cycle of OL super-1 and super-epi. It was magic. I lost 15 lbs of body fat and got ripped as hell. The best side-effect is that from that cycle on, from there on out, I was a king in the bed. I could do a brick wall, and could...
  2. DGator86

    Unanswered Best 1-DHEA still available

    Hi all, I've done 2 cycles of 1-andro, Epiandro in the past 4 years. They both were great. Looking to do another. I did the old Olympus UK stuff. Since its gone now, are there any good 1-Andro (1-DHEA) supplements left out there? Most of the ones I found are dosed at 65mg vs the 110mg from...
  3. DGator86

    Unanswered Cycle Calculator

    Hey all, got bored today and designed a simple cycle calculator. Should help with when you need to put a cycle together and figure out how much and what it costs. Let me know what you think!
  4. DGator86

    Unanswered Help! LGD water-retention and on-cycle support

    I’m about a week and a half into my 10mg LGD/50mg S4/30mg Cardarine/20mg SR9009 cycle and have begun to notice some good changes. Pumps are great, veins are really coming out, etc etc. However, I’ve also noticed more water retention. Should I take something like Arimicare (have some laying...
  5. DGator86

    Fasting and making it work

    Hey all, I’ve seen a lot of people doing Intermittent Fasting recently and I think it’s great. I started about a month and a half ago. I figured I’d tell a little of my story and what I’ve learned. I’ve had issues with carbs, and sugar my whole life and never really realized it. As I got...
  6. DGator86

    Leaner, Faster, Stronger Log (LGD/S4 & GW/SR)

    All, So I finally put pen to paper and bought my 12 week cycle (what better way to spend my tax refund). About me: Weight - 204 BF% - 13.8% Training history: CrossFit since 2010, plus “globo gym” added in there occasionally. Deadlift - 535 Back Squat - 400 Bench - 245 (torn labrum & separated...
  7. DGator86

    Summer ready SARM log

    I am 32, 6’2”, 215lbs. I have run 2 1-andro/epi-andro cycles that have gone ok. However, this time around I’m concentrating on serious athletic improvement and getting “summer ready”. My cycle is as follows... 60 days: LGD4033 - 15mg RAD140 - 30mg YK11 - 10mg GW(cardarine) - 25 mg ITPP - 25 mg...
  8. DGator86

    Athletic Performace SARM Mega Cycle

    Hello all, I am looking to blast myself out of an athletic plateau. I am in great shape and eat well, but need a push to the next level. So I am thinking I will do the following... 12 weeks Cardarine -25 mg ED ITPP - 25 mg ED SR9009 - 25 mg ED However, I can’t decide if I will run (LGD-4033...
  9. DGator86

    First SARM cycle - Solo or stacked?

    I’ve done 2 1-andro/epi-andro cycles that worked great. The first one was awesome, second was ok. Now I want to do a cycle for exercise performance so here’s what I’m thinking... RAD-140 (12 weeks) ITPP + cardarine (12 weeks) Should I run this solo or stack it with another 1-andro/epi-andro...
  10. DGator86

    Had to get out of cycle early : PCT

    All, I ran a bottle of Abnormal and Brutal 4ce. Was planning on running for 8 weeks, but I have to get out of it due to extenuating circumstances. I know it's a really light ccle, so do you think I need to get clomid or nolva or just run an OTC? Thanks for the help!
  11. DGator86


    I need a revenge cycle. You know, the 8 week, go to a dark place, make her regret her decision, type of cycle. I’m 6’2”, 215, 16% BF and already muscular. 535 deadlift, 425 lb squat, etc etc. I will be supporting this with 2 a days (lifting, Crossfit, cardio, the whole kitchen sink if I have...
  12. DGator86

    Design my recomp stack

    Alright room...need your help. I’m a 32 year old guy who is doing a photo shoot for some modeling agencies and they want to try putting me into some fitness gigs. This is mainly because I’m 6 foot two and very muscular. However they want me to lean out. So, I have done two andro cycles and my...
  13. DGator86

    1-Andro/Epi-andro : 2nd cycle

    I ran a cycle last year to great success. I’m looking to run again. I ran both and had cycle support. Also did a PCT. What additional products would you recommend to add to my cycle?
  14. DGator86

    Cycle advice

    I'm looking to go on a serious strength to recomp cycle. I was suggested to do the following... Halodrol - 8 weeks *then* Osta/MK677/Cardarine - 8 weeks *then* PCT - 4 weeks *then* Test boost - 8 weeks What do you guys think about this? Thanks!
  15. DGator86

    Lab Results - High Estradiol

    So got some bloods done because I've been feeling off since my 1-andro/epi-andro cycle during the first quarter. Did a solid pct and felt good....until I didn't. Symptoms: 1. Back-ne and lots of it. 2. Moodiness 3. Loss of muscle 4. Fatigue 5. Fat gain on maintenance macros So I went and got...
  16. DGator86

    HTPA Bounce Back and 1/Epi

    Back in early January is started a 1-Andro (330 throughout)/1-Epi (max 1000) cycle. I cut down about 10 lbs and got pretty strong. For PCT I had a solid Nolva run for 4 weeks, then coasted into Alphamax XT/Reduce XT for 8 weeks. I've been debating doing another since doing the Test/Anavar cycle...
  17. DGator86

    Adding anavar to 1-andro/epi-andro

    I ran a 1-andro/epi-andro cycle earlier this year and I am gearing up for another this summer. Starting the purchasing and design process right now. So my question is, is there any benefit to adding anavar to my cycle? I've heard great things about anavar in doing a re-comp/cut cycle. My...
  18. DGator86

    Design my PCT

    I'm currently getting near the end of my OL Super-1, Super-Epi cycle. I've leaned out quite an it and seen definite gains. Obviously I want to keep them and stay lean. I also need to keep my athletic performance in top shape. So, I want to take my PCT into a non-hormonal phase into my next...
  19. DGator86

    Cortisol Control

    I'm currently running a 1/Epi cycle (330/750,1000 in 2 weeks) and doing my best to maximize it. My typical days are... Morning : Crossfit and accessory work Afternoon : Planet of Fitness for hypertrophy Diet: macros, cutting with -500 cal deficit (90F/245C/171P) Sleep : ****ty, around 6-7...
  20. DGator86

    Competitive exerciser does 1-Andro/Epi stack

    Hello everyone, I am a competitive exerciser who decided to do a 8 week cycle of Olympus UK Sup3r-1, Sup3r-Epi, and Shr3d. I chose this stack due to it not being too harsh but with solid gains, and I'm on recomp/cutting macros. My training will be typical of a CE with Olympic weightlifting...