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  1. Missed a TRT injection. What do I do?

    Honestly bro the same thing just happened to me where I have a Monday and thursday TRT schedule and I got so caught up with errands and bullshit that I ended up not having time to pin before work. I could have pinned at 9pm Thursday night when home from work but I have such an OCD that I feel...
  2. How often to train each muscle?

    Curious about what you guys do in terms of workout splits? I have always done the typical bodybuilding approach of hitting each body part per day.. example Monday chest, Tuesday back, Wednesday legs, Thursday shoulders, Friday arms, and then weekends off.. now I love the idea of picking that one...
  3. Petition to create a separate PH/DS/OTC sub

    Yeah this really the only place I come to on a daily and actually post. But not too long ago I was looking at places like Meso, Steroidology, GH15 I think a few more.. and man that’s a different ball game over there.. that’s where you see guys cycles getting into the grams.. 1000mg of test was...
  4. Is a 200mg vial of testosterone common?

    Stop worrying about the numbers in milligrams.. 400mg is putting your total test well beyond supraphysiological levels.. he’ll even 250mg a week does.. you don’t need the 500
  5. TRT and ran out of Anastrozole

    The real real question is why is the OP out of arimidex?? If following the prescription guidelines he shouldn’t be running out. Unless this is not doctor prescribed TRT
  6. Which is better for bulking ?

    Yeah I mean my point is that when I was younger I would try some higher dosed test.. but nowadays I stay around 250mg because if I even push it to like 400 mg I can feel the anxiety at certain points coming on ever since I had a horrible panic attack back in May 2017.. but prior to that date. I...
  7. Which is better for bulking ?

    Yeah this guys is just abusing his body.. no reason you can’t make slower and consistent gains over a long term with like 250-300 test.. the high doses will just get you there faster.. sure.. but have fun burning more hair follicles off your head in the process.. I suggest OP go watch more...
  8. eric clapton

    **** all these guys.. dimebag Darrell hands down! Not just his solos and but his riffs and tone were like a fucking chainsaw.. heavy ass crunchy raw Randall amp power!
  9. 1AD

    It would have been so interesting to see what it would be like if 4-diol and 1-AD were available over the counter today.. probably would be less younger guys going to the black market for test because they would have an oral alternative readily available to them.. I don’t get why the government...
  10. Will low dose deca effect blood work for trt?

    I wouldn’t really say 300mg of deca as low dose honestly.. maybe I think much more conservative these days especially when you follow you tubers like more plates more dates Derek.. it really proves that a little can go a long way... any way low dose to me would be like 100mg added to TRT
  11. Most Reliable Source for T-Cyp?

    I never understand with forums why you can’t ask where to get “stuff” it’s not like the forum is selling you directly. What’s the fear about? I see so many other forums where all these gear sponsor literally have ads all over the place and they haven’t got shut down.. I mean how else is someone...
  12. The prohormone like DECA

    I’m just kidding bro!
  13. The prohormone like DECA

    Yeah you commented on a post I made like 2 years ago as well the other day.. are you some kind of a weirdo?
  14. Anyone pulse PHs for extended cycles?

    Actually it was 5 years lol. No joke it was on that talk show with Dave palumbo
  15. Unanswered Gear

    Lmao for real.. I swear there should be some kind of prerequisite that you have to fulfill to obtain gear lmao.. like certain arm size and look naturally
  16. MENT for HRT

    Dude more plates more dates, Derek is on a whole other level when it comes to knowledge. Dude is as scientific as it gets and talk about being conservative and the right way to do things. If I can pick two guys that I would really trust their advice it would be him and John meadows.
  17. MENT for HRT

    It has no business in a hormone replacement regimen.. replacement regimens are meant for long term.. I think it would be unwise to use a synthetic lab made hormone that is foreign to the body for a long term replacement.. test and HGH are both recognized by the body. And of course thyroid...
  18. Rate my cutting cycle - Albuterol 5mg ED 2x, caffeine 200mg 2x, T2 + Armour Thyroid 2x & Ketotifen Before Bed

    So... where are the anabolics? This sounds like straight up eat away muscle stack. Personally I’m not a fan of all that stimulant ****.. I think it’s terrible on the heart. I’ve done contest prep numerous times and never touch a stimulant. Just a mild cycle/ aggressive TRT dose test and diet...
  19. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    I mean I have xbox one X which is the 4K compatible.. that’s what you want not the base models.. and honestly you can get a used X one X for like low 200s
  20. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    In the old resident evil games yes they had the tank controls with fixed camera angles so it was hard to see what was in front of you.. but the new remakes are all 3rd person and are awesome trust me bro if you can pick up RE2 and RE3 remake to play during this time. You will have a blast!