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  1. R1balla

    What does your 4K calorie diet look like

    Post it up! Trying to create a post for beginners looking to gain weight who don’t know how much 4K calories is. Thanks!
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    Who has the best pre workout stack?!

    Let’s end the summer with some fun! From supplements you currently have on hand, make your best/favorite pre workout stack! The winner will receive a bottle of IntraMax to start off the new school year right.
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    Check out the review by Price Plow
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    Get Fit with FitMax

    New to FitMax? No problem... Fat loss is an important goal for achieving the body that we want. Whether your goals are based on performance, attractiveness, or overall health, losing fat can help you run faster, look better, and feel great. While there are many purported fat burners on the...
  5. R1balla

    Your current routine

    I love seeing other people’s routine. Gives me new ideas. I’m currently lean bulking, 4 days a week with 2 days HIIT cardio with my wife and dog. Let me know what you guys got!
  6. R1balla

    Vyvanse with Oxymax or other fat burners

    Hey guys, My wife takes 50mg of Vyvanse / day upon waking. For those of you that have use it or do use it, have you also used stim fat burners also? Not saying the full dose or anything. I know you def shouldn’t do it and I’ve advised her not to but she just wants to know how others have felt...
  7. R1balla

    Anybody cutting right now?

    I’ve been doing a mild cut for about 3 weeks and have lost 7 pounds. I feel bigger though. I’ve always been focused on gaining mass but my body fat is at a point to where I’m lean everywhere except my stomach. Since the 7 pound loss I’ve noticed most in my chest area. Mild improvement with the...
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    StimMax pre sale

    Buy 1 StimMax and get VasoMax free!
  9. R1balla

    Mesomorph + VasoMax

    Has anybody tried this pre workout stack? Thinking about ordering some meso when I finish my current pre.
  10. R1balla

    Your favorite 3x a week routine

    See title
  11. R1balla

    Ectomorph thread

    I wanted to start a thread to help the ectomorphs out there. The guys that somewhat look like they workout but are stuck in a phase where if they cut they would be too skinny but if they bulk (the wrong way) they wouldn’t look like they train. A few of my friends who aren’t on this forum wanted...
  12. R1balla

    Low reps on machine- changing it up

    So, probably like most of you, I’ve (typically) always done low rep high weight on compound lifts and lighter weight/higher reps with super sets/negatives on machines. Well, recently I’ve been flipping those two around and I’m really enjoying it. Totally different feel, allows me to get back to...
  13. R1balla

    White Flood flashback log

    Hey guys! Been a while since I’ve logged something. Controlled Labs was very generous to allow me to log White Flood for them. I’ve used the OG version and the updated version before but it’s been a long time since both. Let’s get started I will be logging my workouts but I will be mainly...
  14. R1balla

    Performax Labs wants you to log PowerMax XT

    Performax Labs has reformulated PowerMax XT and we want you to try it! For those who don't know about this product, PowerMax XT is a intra workout/muscle builder that can be used alone or in conjunction with most other pre workouts including HyperMax XT. Rules: 1) must be 18+ and a resident...
  15. R1balla

    Leg day for hypertrophy

    What routine are you guys doing for muscle growth? Just curious. See if I like something and I may change it up!
  16. R1balla

    My training routine and yours

    I've been seeing a lot of threads asking about routines lately and I wanted this thread to be something that a beginner or somebody looking for a change up in routine could use as a resource. What are your goals and how are you achieving them? (Training wise). We all know diet is king but that...
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    Buy 1 get 1 50% off

    Only at TF Supplements! HyperMax XT or SlinMax buy 1 get 1 50% off!!!!
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    Form vs weight

    We all should be focused on how heavy we can lift without sacrificing on form. That being said, how many of you go heavy vs maybe doing a slow negative with like a 2-3 second hold at the bottom of the negative? Myself, I like to do both. Usually start my workout with heavy compound lifts then...
  19. R1balla

    Any Houston people?

    I go iron den gym in League City. Any of you guys on this forum go there?
  20. R1balla

    Xbox one destiny

    Anybody on here play destiny on Xbox? Even if your on PS4, we can talk tips/tricks ...etc. my gamer tag is pepticpanda8004 My fiancé and I share an account. She's beast lol she got me into destiny. I came from COD and hated destiny at first.