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  1. Some information about LGD and Rad-140 cycle

    I ran them both at lower dosages with MK677 beginning of year...I think it was MK677 10mg Lgd 10mg and Rad 140 10 mg.....I'm not going to lie I felt amazing on it for 6 weeks then came off. I did bloods and my test was mid range, baring in mind I was 44 at the time and I recovered without really...
  2. Best Halodrol brand 2020

    I have some Brawn Halo for a winter cycle definately interested in Mechabol as well.....what's the major difference between the two?
  3. Hades Hegemony Epistane

    Ah yes apologies my mistake. In that case I cannot comment on Hades Hedgemony.
  4. Hades Hegemony Epistane

    Can only say read on here someone used their Arch Angel Halodrol and they were not impressed...thought it was either underdosed or bunk.
  5. Halodrol

    Good choice. What brand? Theres always Dermacrine as well to use alongside it or the other 2 options.
  6. Good "Beginner" Cycles

    I agree, Halodrol would be a very good beginner cycle with quality gains and little sides. Make sure it's an actual Halodrol 'Clone' not the Hi Tec Pharma 'Halodrol'as it's not what I'm referring too. Alot of UK sites have Halodrol.
  7. Time capsule opened, blast from the past

    Androtechnologies M1-T......they even shipped it to me whilstb in a FOB in the middle of Helmand Province Summer 2006. It got there!! Amazing stuff.
  8. Hi Tech Pharma 1 Andro,4 Andro, Deca Log

    Firstly good to hear your back is on the mend, I have just got over a 3 month L5/S1 herniated disc but all good now. So can I confirm you have been on 220mg of 1 andro so far? I'm wondering if you'll see some more pronounced effects when you switch up to 330mg for last 3 weeks? Keep us informed.
  9. Nano 1-T/ Icon One dilemma

    I take it you've found it quite effective then. Didnt really consider it too be honest so will have a look at it thanks. Forgot to add will also run Sr9009 in the 8 week cycle.
  10. Nano 1-T/ Icon One dilemma

    Yeah I thought maybe using both might work out. So what do you think: Week 1-4 Icon one and 4AD Week 4-8 Nano 1-T and 4-Diol Have CEL Cycle Support + usual add ons PCT Clomid/Sustain Alpha.
  11. Nano 1-T/ Icon One dilemma

    Hi guys, as mentioned on the 1-AD thread I ended up ordering Nano 1-T after usps major delayed my Icon One delivery to the UK. Was going to run Icon One with epi andro. With the Nano 1-T as a replacement I was going to run with 4-Diol. Low and behold after 6 weeks I got a message from Royal...
  12. 1AD

    Was that the same stuff....1-T? Was it transdermal or oral? What dosage did you find effective? I think the Nano 1-T at 0.5ml x2 a day is around 125mg but basically sublingual DHB.
  13. 1AD

    Well I recieved my Nano 1-T on Saturday morning in the post. Pretty good turn around by PN I must say.....not been their greatest fan when it comes to their OL UK line up but credit due where it's due. Probably looking at June 1st for the Nano 1-T / 4 Diol cycle start date, am going to put the...
  14. Effects of a moderate (500mg/week for 10 weeks) steroid cycle on cardiac dimensions

    Might be something or nothing but in early 2019 I ran Ostarine at 20 mg and it literally trashed my Vo2 max. I mean I couldn't get my heart rate over 162-4 without feeling wiped out. I stopped the cycle 4 weeks in and within weeks I was back to pushing it at 176-8. I was 44 at the time. I...
  15. 1AD

    Yeah it can be a risk but I i always check on here for people's experiences and there are certain go to companies I use which i have confidence with. Shame they it didnt work out for you but its happened to me as well previously and it's annoying.
  16. 1AD

    Sorry to hear about your 1dhea, 4dhea, epiandro cycle. I don't think the Nano 1-T/4-AD will give me zero results. Some people have also done well on the those Dhea Andro's...which I'm not using anyway.
  17. Unanswered Best stack/PH for losing weight

    Back in Oct 2018 I lost 9lbs using Invictus/7 Keto Stack. Would recommend.
  18. 1AD

    Yeah it's a shame they arent more readily available. Here in the UK you can get 4-Diol and 1-T from PN which is the cycle I've now lined up. How effective it will be remains to be seen??
  19. 1AD

    Ha...M1-T, craziest stuff I ever used back in 2006. Got major body recomp off it and really bad shin pumps as I recall. Well I've ordered the Nano 1-T tonight and it'll be here Monday/Tuesday. Decided on that over a Halodrol cycle as it's non methylated. I'll save the Icon One when it...
  20. 1AD

    Opinions vary like most things. Seems very popular in UK. I have 4-Diol so will stack it with that and maybe Epi Andro.