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  1. BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    Not standalone Ursolic Acid, but Top Muscle was pretty damn good with immediate effects.
  2. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    I haven't been able to use this new version consistently because the new carrier/formula is much harsher than previous versions. So far, I am noticing better girth by look and feel however I am not walking around with a semi all day like I was with the last two versions. In about 8-9mos of...
  3. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    The consistency of this recent batch is a little off... it's not dispersed very well. It seems like the carrier solvent absorbs first and then globs of grey paste need to be rubbed in after. Overall, it is a little tidier to apply which I appreciate. I've only had it for a couple days so not...
  4. Unanswered Help SNS Name a New Product

    Vitamin SNS
  5. Finally. THE BLR PRE WORKOUT THREAD. New product leaks

    I don’t really care about the flavor because I’ll chug it either way. Just limit the food coloring and I’ll be happy. I don’t want to look like I’ve been drinking markers.
  6. Finally. THE BLR PRE WORKOUT THREAD. New product leaks

    One piece at a time for maximum efficacy.
  7. EvoMuse presents...HUNG

    I've been using this (beta v2 I think) for about 2 months now and use a bathmate every other day. I have gained about 0.5" BPEL. Nothing for girth though.
  8. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    I just had my first workout with what I assume is the newest version. This batch is significantly better than the previous version I used and, at the time, I considered it my favorite supplement to date. The pump wasn't as intense as previous bottles but I don't smell like a wet dog or am so...
  9. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    I mostly agree but I had pretty great results with MyoSynergy and Nerve Restore without any side effects. Dsade is always tinkering. I hope he can manage to dampen the smell.
  10. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    This may be the best natural supplement I can remember using in the last 5-10 years. I've only used this for about a half dozen workouts but I noticed a big increase in pumps from the first use. Once I start getting pumped, I look and feel how I imagine 10lbs more mass would look on me. I've...
  11. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Thanks for the reply. I'll start with the 3 pumps upper/4 pumps lower and go from there.
  12. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Sorry if I missed it, but what is the recommendation for people who lift upper body/lower body splits. Keep it two pumps total pre-workout and divide it per muscle group?
  13. Q&A for K1NGSLAYER

    Does Strong have an exclusive? How long before OL sells direct?
  14. What's Worked - Non-hormonal Anabolics

    +1 for Applied Nutriceuticals' IGF2. Still might be my favorite but I haven't used it in years. EvoMuse BMP is up there. I'm surprised so many people are listing Prime though. I thought I remembered it being mocked incessantly.
  15. ******Black Lion Research Newsletter/ product updates******

    Doubt it. They're probably rolling their eyes with the rest of us. The thread inquiring about the pre is days aways from turning two years old.
  16. BLR Pre Workout

    Very happy to hear that. Beyond health, I never understood why anyone would want take a product to help their appearance but ignore the fact that it'll yellow their teeth.
  17. BLR Pre Workout

    If you can pull off any of those combinations, and refrain from using so much dye/coloring that it's like drinking a marker, I will absolutely stock up.
  18. EvoMuse Presents: Clear Edge PRESALE

    I was also a victim of two bottles no-show from the last batch. Gambled with a 6-pack order and saw slow updates from USPS. Very happy and relieved that they showed up today. Really tempted to try my first dose right now.
  19. Anyone else see the EvoMuse Facebook outbursts earlier today?

    I have for about 10 years now. I don't agree with the language but I'll trust him with the anonymous capsules, thanks.

    Getting picked up by a major distributor like GNC or