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  1. Unanswered DMAA

    Anyone know where I can get some? Is zoo still around?
  2. Answered Stockpile

    What do you guys consider a good stash? I have six dmz and 6 msten. I’d like to add 20 more of each if it’s still in stock when I get the money
  3. Unanswered Msten

    What’s the deal with brawn? Are they gtg? Looking for msten
  4. Unanswered RPN havoc

    Anyone use havoc from predator? Thinking about trying it out.
  5. Receptors

    Is dirty receptors a real thing or broscience? I’m on trt and blast a lot but everything feels bunk to me. Seems like maybe my receptors need a break but I don’t know if that’s even a thing.
  6. Olympus Labs

    Anyone know if they are coming out with anything else?
  7. Is someone logging radian nutrition SD?

    As the title states
  8. Insulin before or after workout?

    Got my insulin and my weight gainer. Now how should I use this?
  9. Msten

    Is 20 mg msten enough?
  10. Why do steroids stop working after some time?

    As the title says
  11. Dbol or Adrol

    Looking for strength and mass with least sides
  12. Anyone have a positive review of bodyconscious

    As the title states. I’ve got their M1T and sd and didn’t see anything when I took them. About to try the M1T again at a high dose
  13. Shark labs

    Anyone try this brand?
  14. Tr3n

    Hey guys I'm thinking about adding tr3n into my next blast. Does anyone have any input on whether or not it's worth it? I'm mostly concerned about strength gains.
  15. Msten

    So I've been searching around on here and other sites and can't find any real good feedback on msten. I've never given it a chance and I have some. Does anyone have any input as to how it performs?
  16. Excess stuff

    Hey I'm looking to sell some of my stash. If you're interested pm me
  17. Max lmg

    Anyone have any experience with lmg? I bought some before the ban without really looking into it.
  18. Bunk alpha 1

    Anyone out the get bunk alpha one?
  19. Trt dose

    Can anyone on trt tell me what they take and how often? My endo wants to to 200mgs every two weeks. I think that's too far apart.
  20. Trt at 36

    Anyone out there on trt at my age? I have seen an endocrinologist and if my next blood test comes back low she's willing to put me on test. Not sure if I'm ready to be on test for life