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  1. TheMeatus101

    Swollen Elbows WTF

    So i did shoulders and tri's the day before last, nice soreness as expected yesterday, but extreme tightness, like more tightness than their should be in my tri's, then i wake up today and can hardly bend either arms past a 90 degree angle, and the whole area around my elbow and like a inch up...
  2. TheMeatus101

    Your Dream Football Team

    Ok, so it would take too long to make your own roster, so if you could just have your choice of Quarterback, Running Back, Corner Back, Linebacker, Safety, AND Wider Receiver, who would you choose? Dis' right here would be mines :) Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Darrelle Revis, Clay Matthews, Ed...
  3. TheMeatus101

    Three 6 Mafia Fans!!!

    Sooo they had some thing on a local rap station i heard earlier, basically all old ass ****, including OLD Three 6 Mafia. Good Ole Three 6, idk if you guys know, but back in the day when they first started they went by Triple 6 Mafia. I believe it was Life or Death they played though, hearing...
  4. TheMeatus101

    What's everybody think of Division 1?

    Just got mine. With Formula X, but for anyone who has ran Division 1 solo what were your thoughts on it???
  5. TheMeatus101

    What's everybody doing for 4th of July

    I'm going down to the beach later on tonight, what's everybody got planned???
  6. TheMeatus101

    Anybody get sick from Burger King

    So last time i had BK was like 2 months back and that same day i got sick as a dog, for a week, not sure if it was the food to blame but it makes me wonder because i had BK earlier, a memphis bbq sandwich w/ no onions, fries and a dr. pepper. That was about 4 hours ago and my stomach feels weird...
  7. TheMeatus101

    All Things Tattoos

    I have always been obsessed with tattoos ever since i was 16, of course i only had one when i was 16, but since then i have had several more. Interested to hear about others tatts and there interests in them??? One i plan to get sometime soon... Plan on getting it on the top of my...
  8. TheMeatus101

    The best UFC match-up EVER

    If you could see two people fight in the UFC, a fight that would probably make UFC history and just be an outstanding fight, who would be the two people you would like to see in the octagon? And let's say they just take away weight classes, so anyone can fight anyone. I personally would like to...
  9. TheMeatus101

    Best Creatine out right now?

    I've tried C-BOL once before and loved it, wondering if there was any other good creatine supps out on the market right now that don't give off water retention like creatine mono, i had none with C-BOL. Thanks err-body.
  10. TheMeatus101

    2012 NFL Super Bowl Champs! NY Giants

    Wheres all the Giant Fans at?!?!?! Whats was yout thoughts on the super bowl game???
  11. TheMeatus101

    The Music Thread

    So basically i though it would be cool if youre bored or not bored but interested in music alot, to post music, videos, anything that afilliates with music, etcetera etcetera. PINK [email protected]#@[email protected]@[email protected]$$$
  12. TheMeatus101

    Better Striker: Boxer -or- MMA

    I've always wondered this, lets say the same body type person, like same weight, same elusiveness, same reach, pretty much all the same features, but one trained MMA for (lets say years, like to professional) and one trained Boxing for the same amount of time, and they got in the ring and all...
  13. TheMeatus101

    What Inspires YOU

    What inspires you to get in shape? What REALLY motivates you to go to the gym, to thrive off of sweat, muscle soreness, and pumps? What keeps the thought of "this is boring and painful, why am i doing this?" out of your mind and keeps you pushing foreward? "A person will get well...
  14. TheMeatus101

    Peyton Hillis? Focking Raw

    What's your thoughts on Hillis? Raw? Un-Raw? EDIT: Since we have dudes like Rugger who don't know what "Raw" means, it means good, or talented at what he/she does.
  15. TheMeatus101

    Punching Bag for Cardio?

    Wondering if anybody else here uses a punching bag on cardio days? Well, for me, i find it excellent, i've been doing boxing for a while now, not sure how many people here use one, but it is focking great, ill do a 2-3 mile jog, then beat around on the bag for about 30-45 mins. I'll always do a...
  16. TheMeatus101

    Follow My Anavar Experience

    :boobies::boobies: ..... My Anavar finally arrived after a 4 month delay....but it's coolio. I want you guys to follow along on this journey into the land of Anavar with me :240:, im siked, this is my first time using Var (technically). Also, i didn't post anything for Veteran's day. I...
  17. TheMeatus101

    1 Push-up, 1 Pull-up?

    So i heard of some type of routine where you start out at 1 pushup, immediately followed by 1 pullup, then you keep on going up, like 2 pushups and 2 pullups, and continue. I was wondering if this had a name?
  18. TheMeatus101

    A Certan Website WILL NOT Get Back To Me On A Lost Shippment

    Okay, so a certain site that i ordered Var and Nolva off of, doesnt provide a number, or anything to get in touch with them. They have a support site, but long story short the site is focked up, and something with my account is not letting me do something on there, that i need in order to...
  19. TheMeatus101

    The Hottest M.I.L.F.?

    Who do YOU think the hottest M.I.L.F. is? *cough* *cough* Diamond Foxxx BISHES...
  20. TheMeatus101

    Human Growth Hormone PILLS?!?!?

    Was wondering if anynody here has had any luck with these? Im not talking about GH Boosters, im talking about actual HGH but in pill form. Found one thread here on AM. Not much info there from...