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    PDE-5 Inhibitors (Think Viagra) and what they can do for you even w/o ED*A Must Read*

    *Not sure if this is right section, but it is geard to aas users mostly and alot only check the aas section, so I think its good here but move if needed* *Yes I made this, it is not a rip off, I just posted it at a couple other places under same name* ENJOY! So Today I want to touch on PDE5...
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    What happend to the points/credit of our PP accounts?!?!? mine is all gone!

    I had like $30+ worth on my pp account and was gonna get some toco8 . I noticed there is NO point system at all now? Thats not very nice to just pull it off the system when users have been saving their store credit for a while. My credit was from a while ago, maybe 1yr, but thats not the point I...
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    *new product* "Cycle Aid" supplement facts:

    Cycle Aid supplement facts: 240 capsules Serving Size: 4 capsules Servings Per Container: 60 Per Serving: N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine 800mg Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin) 500mg Hawthorn Berry Extract (5% Vitexin) 400mg Saw Palmetto Extract (45% Fatty Acids) 200mg Policosanol 20mg Zinc...
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    D-test ( DAA ) on cycle of test and deca?

    Im curious if anyone has used Daa while ON cycle? im thinking of trying it, for the hell of it. with my teste and deca.
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    Power chews at Vitamin world?!?!?

    I herd from a friend that he saw powerchews at vitamin world when he went for a bar. I didnt know the powerchews where on shelves already! not surprised cuzz i like them myself, but is it true? or is my friend just messing with me?
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    BESTDROL & katanadrol are going to be banned!?!

    I saw this posted else where and am NOT happy! I love beasrdol and many probibly have seen me post. M1D and beast was one of my best oral stacks. I hope it takes them a long time to do it ! :'-( Word from sources: The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wants to add...
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    Form-X + FREE T-911 Stack (combo pack)

    saw this at nutra, check it out: LG Sciences (Legal Gear) Form-X + FREE T-911 Stack (combo pack): Discount Form-X + FREE T-911 Stack Supplements
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    Wheytobuildmuscle : Rocky Road Review :-P

    Wheytobuildmuscle : Rocky Road Review Hey guys! I recently picked up one of ther new flavors up at the shop and I was pleasantly surprised as how great it tasted and felt I should make a review on it. Its rare I would say this for a protein drink but; I would drink this one just for the...
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    Blergs Power Chews Pre Workout Review

    Power Chews Pre Workout Review Ok, Now I’m sure MANY of you that are regulars on the board have seen me post that I love the power chews. This is true for the ones I have tried, which was only the Glutamine and BCAA’s until today as I Finally got to try the Pre Workout ones too! I have used...
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    RS-Transaderm BACK IN STOCK!!!!!

    BACK AT THE NTBM SHOP! I keep seeing people go nuts on this one, and figured I would share since I was placing an order for other stuff and noticed this was back in stock. Link: RS-Transaderm - Weight loss with lean muscle gain
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    what ever happend to the points system?

    I had like 30-40$ worth of racked up on points from orders in passed, I go and look at my account and now there is NO points or point system? what happend to it? I never saw any annoucment on the system being pulled, I would have used my points..... I was going to get some toco-8 with it . :'-(
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    Blergs LOVES S.N.S's Focus XT *Review*

    I have been very very busy lately but taking the time to shout out to SNS and thank them for sending me some Focus XT. This stuff is GREAT, It has helped me get more work done, not get as bored doing mundane things and really helped my focus! rating of 1-10 (1 worst/10 best) taste- 10 *great...
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    Form-x official write up and pics

    this is a GNC exclusive for the next 90 days. write up: It seems the new trend in the sport supplement industry is to try to fool you into buying their ineffective products by making them look like prescription drugs! Each and every day your local health food store looks more and more like a...
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    Fadogia Agrestis causes toxicity and shut down?

    I found this VERY interesting so I thought I would post it here: LINK: Need To Build Muscle Inc. Official Blog Fadogia Agrestis causes toxicity and shut down? Needtogetaas brings light to the propaganda, lies and misunderstandings. Posted by Needtogetaas | July 11th...
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    Can I please get a MOD or Admin to lock this worthless LG bashing thread? It’s an embarrassment to humanity and shows nothing but ignorance at a level I can’t explain without going off the deep end. Thank you :-)