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  1. Mattycmoite

    Upcoming Hard Cut, Sarm and PH cycle

    Well Before i say anything else I'm 24 and have done about 5 Sarm Cycles before and have used everything from Ostarine to yk11 ( not really a sarm), s23, acp, LGD 4033 and 3033 , S4, Rad and so on. I have recovered well every time and will always take about 6 months off in between cycles. I have...
  2. Mattycmoite

    Unanswered Ion Peptides Legit?

    Feel free to move this post if it is in the wrong spot. Well I'll make it short. SARMS are now banned in Australia so access to them are getting very difficult now. But i just want to know if ION peptides are legit as they can ship Sarms and serms to the AU. Cheers for any responses.
  3. Mattycmoite

    Quick 8 week DMZ Epi-Andro Cycle Experiment

    Hey Guys , Just Logging a Little Experiment I am doing with The compounds DMZ and Epi-Andro. This will be the Last oral only Cycle I will be doing before I Pin. which will be next year if I find a source Current Stats 24yrs old 6'2 250 lbs 17% bodyfat 5 years of lifting. Serious lifting only 1...