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    Answered Trestolone

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    Answered Trt

    Any day. Seriously. Doesn't matter when splitting weekly dose.
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    Answered What motivated you?

    -I don't want to look like other man my age. -I don't want to get pushed aside by millennial teenagers. -I'm old enough to take a shortcut to build muscles. -When I'm dead, I want to be able to carry my own coffin to the grave, with me in it.
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    Answered Are these puffy gyno nipples

    Fat + Gyno. I would not try to up test at this point, not even with OTC test boosters. Spend your money on stims instead (pre-workout supps) and get lean. High BF% = lots of aromatizing enzyme = higher conversion of test to estrogen.
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    Answered My First ever Non Natty approach with SARMs and others..

    Dry joints if e2 gets too low. Clomid ups test and also e2. Thing is, not everyone gets dry joints from low e2 -and not everyone responds to 6-bromo as good. To be on the safe side, do it like 100/100/100/100/50/50/25 Good call on 6-bromo AND proviron. If you can source proviron, no bromo -nor...
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    Female libido boosters?

    Supposedly PT-141. Peptide, derived from melanotan. Injectable.