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  1. rodefeeh

    Answered Announcement Insider

    Got some Demon Drops from @xR1pp3Rx , this DMAA is legit. I used 2 caps a couple times for cardio - nice mental, aggression, not too powerful at this dose. I used 3 caps a couple times for lifting - aggression was pretty crazy. One time experienced a mild uncomfortable sensation in my head 3...
  2. rodefeeh

    Joint Support

    After I run out of Flexatril, I think I'll give Gapspari Proven Joint a go. Been seeing a lot of good feedback on it
  3. rodefeeh

    Supplement to increase performance workload?

    The endurance I got from VasoBlitz was pretty darn good when lifting weights. But you might be getting too much of a pump for a Spartan race.
  4. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    Had some rewards points about to expire and Mega Pre Red happen to be a steal.
  5. rodefeeh

    The New Product Release Thread

    Very tempting deal!
  6. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    First scoop this morning. Red fish candy was pretty bland in 8oz water but it lit a fire under my a$$.
  7. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    If it’s that bad, I’ll just mix it with some chocolate I have. I always make sure I have at least one tub of chocolate on hand.
  8. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    PS Whey CnC better be good!
  9. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    Agree here. An extra 100mg will make a huge difference in the effects. An extra 50-75mg for some cardio. 150mg for a great kick for weights.
  10. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    Hit the nail on the head there! I love brainwash with more caffeine.
  11. rodefeeh

    Answered Announcement Insider

    Ooooh, me me me. Loved me some OG Mesomorph. The aggression was killer. Plus I'm starting my cut earlier this year. And cutting with a 7 and 4 year old SUCKS. Anything to help put me in a better mood around them would be a plus. I would be more than happy to post a little review if chosen.
  12. rodefeeh

    Unanswered Do you take anything special to help you boost immune system during winter or flu season?

    Cold-eeze now has Elderberry. Im sure there are more cost effect options out there though. I probably should compare it with other options. But it is nice as a throat lozenge too.
  13. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    @thatsuppguy Muscle Marinade treated me so well the first time around that I had to take advantage of the same deal again. It hits pretty good initially then the energy remains steady or even seems to get better during the workout. Good focus, feels, and endurance too, above average pumps...
  14. rodefeeh

    How important is pre-fatiguing muscles?

    I'm pretty sure I read that someone debunked the theory of pre-fatiguing your muscles. Just find a workout plan you like and stick with it.
  15. rodefeeh

    The New Product Release Thread

    Just got that one, took me a while [emoji16]
  16. rodefeeh

    Topic of the Week: What prevents you from reaching your goals?

    Right now its injuries. When I go heavy for an extended period of time, some connective tissue inevitably gets hurt. Usually its my elbows or knees. Its my shoulder now. I was progressing pretty good to my 315x2 on bench goal until my shoulder barked at me. I feel at 38 I need to seriously...
  17. rodefeeh

    Unanswered Nitrosigine Beats Citrulline Malate

    In 4 discussion. I regularly buy bulk citrulline.
  18. rodefeeh

    In the Mail ....

    Protein powder stash got down to 20 lbs, way too low [emoji6] Needed more!
  19. rodefeeh

    Next PES Insider Deal???

    I'd be hopping everywhere for some.
  20. rodefeeh

    Unanswered SNS VasoForce XT - Intense, Long-Lasting Pumps

    Je$u$, "not as lean", you're fing lean now bro, nice review! You clearly know your stuff!