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  1. Time to bulk

    Been a year since I've run anything so back to it. My goal is to gain atleast 20lbs & stay around the same bodyfat percentage. I will be getting bloodwork 8 weeks into the cycle & at 16 weeks into the cycle to check liver,lipids & rbc. Probably wont start the cycle for another week STATS Height...
  2. DHT,Dihydrotestosterone,Andros tanolone, Stanolone

    Anyone here have experience with it?If you have used it what method do you use?Injection,transdermal etc also what dose did you run it at?
  3. Sarms?

    Having access to designer's like epistane, halodrol, dmz, msten plus the old school classics like anadrol, dbol, winstrol, tbol etc. Are sarms even worth the time or money?
  4. Dbol dose

    I'm about to run a cycle in the next month or so. I'm trying to figure out which would be a better dose 30mg,40mg or 50mg per day?
  5. Bf estimate

    By the picture would you say Sergio Olivia is around 17-20% and Arnold Schwarzenegger 14-15%?
  6. m1a vs dianabol

    Disregarding the sides when it comes to strength gains & lean mass gains which is stronger?
  7. Legal questions

    Technically cardarine and my677 aren't illegal and are basically fall into the grey area. Has anyone had any issues flying international with either one?
  8. epistane vs halodrol vs dimethazine

    When it comes to strength gains which is the best out of the three?
  9. Test no ester & salvo

    Does anyone here have any experience with test base with salvo. How good is salvo compared to other transdermal applications?
  10. IML Super DMZ rx 5.0 time to get cut up(Sponsored)

    Before I go into detail on my cycle I want to give a big shout out to IML. Thank you wesb2387 for choosing me to run this Product. Anyways I'm at around 15% bodyfat, my goal is to get to 10% bodyfat & gain 5lbs. I will be running a 6.5 week cycle,3 pills a day. On cycle support will be 1200mg...
  11. Kik group

    Anyone here interested in a group to talk about Diet,training,gear related stuff or just random stuff?
  12. Yk-11

    Anyone here try it? How would you compare it to lgd?
  13. Time to recomp(Sponsored)

    Before I go into detail on my cycle I want to give a big shout out to Nutraceutical Innovations NutraChem. Thank you hvactech for choosing me to run this kick ass fat burner. Anyways I'm at around 15% bodyfat, my goal is to get to 10% bodyfat and gain another 10lbs. I will be running a 8...
  14. Desoxy-Testestorone

    Anybody here run it? What would you compare it to? Is it worth the money or better to stick to tren or deca?

  16. Trestobol vs

    When it comes to strength and mass gains can trest compete against the big three m1a,msten and dmz? Also to clarify I don't mean all three at one time
  17. Strongest gda on the market

    I've tried metformin,cinnamon extract and grape seed extract. Is there anything else what can compete against these? How would you compare r-ala or banaba to them? Also has anyone used cardarine for its original purpose as a gda?
  18. Liver Toxicity and Oral Steroids

    Where did this come from? I don't understand the logic behind it. There are medical studies showing aids patients and patients with life threatening diseases using orals like anadrol,dbol and anavar for extended periods of times(4 to 5 months). Without any major issues with thier liver,kidneys...
  19. Cardarine/GW-501516

    Anybody here run it? All of the articles & reviews ive seen on it sounds & looks like a infomerical
  20. next cycle

    15mg msten 75mg halodrol 45mg epistane or 60mg dmz 100mg trenavar Or 40mg dmz 120mg trenavar which would be a better cycle for lean bulking?