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  1. rgurleyjr

    USA FS: MK-677 caps

    Got an open bottle with more than 90 caps, 12.5 mg per cap. I'll count when I get home. Asking $60 shipped. Can provide picture if asked.
  2. rgurleyjr

    Review of MA Research T3

    Just wanted to say I got bloodwork done for other compounds and tsh and t4 were included. At the time, I was running 150mcg of MA T3 and my tsh and t4 were almost nonexistent. I have bloods to back up their t3. I since switched to pre since they offer twice the amount. But I'd consider MA again...
  3. rgurleyjr

    USA Fs: NOS UltimAET TD

    2 sealed nos labs B-AET TD bottles sealed in box. Better than iron legion as this dries much faster. 35 each, cash app only.
  4. rgurleyjr

    USA FS: One VL MK-677 and 7-KT

    All I can accept is Cash App and CIM, but cash app is easy and free. Got a few more things so if interested, PM me, Shipping is $5. Don't bother lowballing me, prices are firm. VL MK-$40 Iron Legion 7-kt $20 Nos labs b-aet TD similar to Invictus-$30 I can't remember the name.
  5. rgurleyjr

    Question for those who have ordered from Pred Nutrition to US

    Guys, Placed a order weeks ago and got a signature required notice from USPS since I missed them today. For those who have ordered from them, is this normal for all orders to the US?
  6. rgurleyjr

    Brawn nutrition brand legit?

    Been looking at UK sites and some sell brawn nutrition for good prices. I searched a few UK forums and there isn't a lot of talk on it other than it being a big producer over there. I searched here and many older threads have a mix of reviews tho there seems to be more in favor of its products...
  7. rgurleyjr

    Predator overseas question

    Looking to place my first order with predator over in the UK. Has anyone used them recently and vouch all their stuff is legit?
  8. rgurleyjr

    USA Mithras and war demonz

    Got one of the centurion labs war demonz and two VL Mithras. Asking 30 for each. PM for more info.$6 for shipping.**********SOLD**************
  9. rgurleyjr

    Very happy with order from Iron Legion

    Just wanted to shout out to Rob at iron legion. There was a super slight delay in shipping my order but he more than made up for it with a few extras to try. Also in a past order a year ago, he threw in an extra bottle for no reason. I'd highly recommend new members give him a try!
  10. rgurleyjr

    Shout out to Sponsor Vicious Labs

    Just wanted to share my recent experience. Been a long time supporter of them over the years due to the products, customer service, and 2 day shipping. Placed order Sunday, got pack today, and found an extra bottle in the package with a thank you note. I have bought from many different supp...
  11. rgurleyjr

    Any one run their first AAS cycle without ever asking basic noob questions?

    So i don't post here much but every time I come here I wonder the same thing. I know essentially forums are full of the exact same questions asked over and over again, I get that. So truth is that I have run a few cycles of test e and a few other things. And in the time leading up to running...
  12. rgurleyjr

    USA FS:A few supps...DMZ, Mithras

    1 sealed bottle of Hardcore Xtreme DMZ for $30. This is 90 caps, 15mg, with liver support. 1 open Dimethadrol (Mithras) of 120 caps for $32. Shipping $5, pm me.
  13. rgurleyjr

    Question about pinched lumbar spine nerve

    Without going into detail in this post, I have a pinched L5 nerve at L5-S1 causing pins needles at foot and occasional calf pain due to a bulging disc. The chiropractor who was seeing me provided zero direction except quit working out altogether, that's it. Said no core workouts and also said...
  14. rgurleyjr

    USA FS: Fat blocker

    1 Bottle of opened 60mg Alli Orlistat with about 120 caps. I combined two bottles together, great at blocking fat intake though don't take too much. $40. Note this is the same thing sold at Walmart for $60 plus tax.
  15. rgurleyjr

    USA FS: Icon 11 KT, sealed

    Got about 4 sealed Icon 11 KT bottles for sale, $35 each. PM me for pics or if interested.... Also some FN Cardarine for $48 each. Shipping $6.
  16. rgurleyjr

    USA Focused Nutrition Products

    Have some Focused Nutrition MK-677, sealed 90 cap bottles.
  17. rgurleyjr

    USA Focused Nutrition GW/Cardarine caps and Freak Show (11-oxo)

    Mod's, Looks like Cardarine is okay to list. A seller a page back had it and asked to edit it if there was a problem so feel free to edit as well. I tried to message Dwight Schrute and inbox was full. Focused Nutrition Cardarine, sealed. 90 caps at 10mg a cap. Great deal-$50. Vicious Labs...
  18. rgurleyjr

    USA NOS Desoxy-TD sealed

    I have one new NOS Labs Desoxy-TD which is out of stock currently. Only asking $45 shipped, paypal accepted. Good feedback on other forums and can provide pic if requested!
  19. rgurleyjr

    USA FS: Icon 11-KT

    I have 4 bottles of Icon 11-sealed-$35 each. Paypal accepted, for shipping add $7. No trades.
  20. rgurleyjr

    USA FS: Iron Legion Virtus

    Got one sealed bottle of Iron Legion Virtus. $38 shipped, I take paypal. PM me if interested or if you want a picture.