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  1. jt75

    What's everyone's favourite pump product?

    Been looking at vasoforce xt and ghost among others, but other people have suggested products with L - citrulline or citrulline malate. So many to choose from, had good results with agmatine and vaso6 together pre workout.
  2. jt75

    Unanswered Redcon1 Moab

    Reviews of this online look great, pump, strength gains, endurance etc, has anyone on AM any experience using it? I bought one from ebay and was kind of pricey but now I see it on a UK site for around 23 pounds which is excellent, any feedback is appreciated guys [emoji1320]
  3. jt75

    Mini bulk ideas

    I'm looking to do a mini lean bulk over the Xmas period and thought I'd throw in glycophase to utilise all the extra carbs I'll be consuming as I've heard great things about it, I'll still be working out and wanna try something new that'll put on some lean mass. I've tried most OL products, did...
  4. jt75

    True shred

    Has anyone got anything to report after starting their run of true shred? Be great to hear any feedback
  5. jt75

    Sore lower back /testicle pain

    Did heavy leg presses last week and the next day I had pain in the lumbar region to the left of my spine radiating into my hip area accompanied with a dull throb in my left testicle. Checked for lumps etc and no sign of anything, no blood passing and urine flow is normal. Can't get a docs...
  6. jt75

    Letrone v inhibit-e

    Was gonna try cel m-test for 8 weeks and hear that an ai will compliment it well. What guys' experiences with letrone and inhibit-e to enable me to make a choice to stay dry and tighten up during the 8 weeks. Tried a few boosters before with alphamax XT being the best but hearing great things...
  7. jt75

    Ac 262 356 new sarm

    Anyone have any experience with this sarm. Very limited info online about its effects apart from: *It acts as a*partial agonist for the*androgen receptor *with a*Ki of 5nM, and no significant affinity for any other receptors tested. In animal studies it produced a maximal effect of around 66%...
  8. jt75

    Aas + sarms

    Anyone ever tried both together, read sumwhere that 4 weeks tbol and ostarine gave awesome gains. Would they contradict or compliment each other?
  9. jt75

    What to mix unflavoured protein with

    Got myself 4kg of 97% whey isolate, no sugars, no carbs and no fat or fillers in it, just need something new and tasty to flavour it. Been using chocolate nesquik which is awesome but a lot of calories and sugar in it plus it has to be mixed with milk. Also used myprotein flavdrops in toffee...
  10. jt75

    Anabeta elite

    Hoping some experienced AM forum members can give some helpful info about this product. The bottle on PES website is in a red and white bottle and all other anabeta elite bottles I've seen are the black and red bottles, I'm guessing a tweaking of ingredients so has anyone had any experience with...
  11. jt75

    Upcoming epistane cycle

    Gonna be doing my first epistane cycle next month after I finish an 8 week run of Ep1c unleashed which im in my third of (loving it so far). I've read tons of reviews on epistane ranging from 4-8 week cycles,I'll do 4 weeks and keep any sides to a minimum so I can gauge how I react on it. I've...
  12. jt75

    Ep1c unleashed and osta shred stack

    Hi guys this is my first post. Did a run of osta shred from strong supplements a while back and loved it,the added arimistane dried me out nicely and recomping effects were excellent. I started feeling a touch lethargic towards the end but the recommended pct 3x and daa did the trick. Now I'm...