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    Archaeologists findings on the "Jesus family Tomb"

    Is This Jesus Christ's Real Tomb? Whether this is the real site of Jesus tomb is quite debatable but if these are in fact 1st century writings what caught my attention the most was the inscription below Translated as "O Divine Jehovah, raise up, raise up," or "The Divine Jehovah raises up to...
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    Has anyone experienced fatigue and lathargy from Vitamin D?

    I believe that I'm seeing side effects from 2,000IU and up vitamin D supplementation. The higher the dose the more tired I get. I seem to be ok with 1,000IU though. One day I took 5,000IU and sat on the couch and next thing I know I fell asleep and ended up taking a hour nap and that never...
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    Has anyone used KNOX gelatin for their joints?

    I'm thinking about getting a 1lb tub. Has anyone had any success?
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    Magnesium L-Threonate

    Increasing levels of magnesium in the brain. Very interesting. Magnesium Supplement Helps Boost Brainpower - insciences
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    I have narcolepsy

    Just got diagnosed with narcolepsy. It's crazy because now a lot of things come into perspective. Why did I struggle in school? Why has it always been so hard to concenrate. Why did I always fall asleep in class, Why was it so hard to get up in the mornings all these years? Why am I SO FREAKING...
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    Where to buy bulk powders?

    mod edit: please review the rules. this is not allowed.
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    Dymatize Natural Whey vs ON Natural Whey

    ON mixes very easily but I'm not crazy about the taste. I think they need to put a more potent mix of stevia in there. I usually buy the chocolate too. Dymatize is a few bucks cheaper so I'm thinking about trying it but wondering what you all have thought about the taste and quality?
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    Reminder: Get your Vitamin D level checked.

    Just wanted to give a reminder that everyone should get their Vitamin D level checked. Especially since we are going into winter and many of us will get a lot less sunshine. The reason I bring this up is I just got tested and to my surprise I am deficient in vitamin D. I drink and eat plenty of...
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    Anyone watch "The Real story of Halloween" on the history channel last night?

    Anyone watch "The Real story of Halloween" on the history channel last night? Your thoughts?
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    How effective is Bioperine?

    Has anyone noticed a increased effect of their supplements when taking bioperine? I just feel like I don't feel much anymore. Also if anyone is on medications can this be taken hours before or after the medication or will it still have some effect and might be better to stay away from it? Thanks...
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    "The situation" endorsing Nox Edge

    Are you kidding me? Posters up of "the situation" of mtv's jersey shore in GNC's. Anyone with a little common sense knows that NOX edge did not help that idiot to look like he does today. Some how, some way, people will buy it thinking they can look like him if they take it. Unbelievable! I...
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    I made the switch from supplement sleep aids to pharma's

    Over the Years I've tried every sleep aid one could think of and eventually I built a crazy tolerance to them that the amount I would take would most likely be toxic. So I crossed the line. I started out with trazodone that worked pretty good until my Dr. told me there's a better option. I'am on...
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    Chris Benoit's Murder, Suicide: Was Brain Damage To Blame?

    I'm sure a number of us remember what happend to the wrestler Chris Benoit and the media made it look like he had a moment of "Roid Rage". Nightline ran a update on what might have happend to him and why he snapped. His father let Doctors look at his brain and discovered a large amount of...
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    Creatine and supplements take another Hit!

    Mysterious Illness Strikes High School Football Team - ABC News
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    Disturbed- "Another way to Die"

    New song and video from the new album Asylum. The video represents a ugly reminder of what we have done to the earth and where we are headed. YouTube- Disturbed - "Another Way To Die" Lyric Video
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    Making the skin more oily/moist

    I was never one to use moisturizer lotion after a shower cause my skin never needed it. The only time I would have really dry skin was exposure to cold in the winter or chlorine in the water after swimming (normal drying). But I moved to florida over 4 years ago and gradually my skin started to...
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    Memory/Focus Supplement Non-stim

    What happend to all the good focus formulas? Does anyone remember clear edge back in the day that nutra was selling at 10 bucks a bottle? This stuff was great. Kept you alert without the caffeine,crash or making you jittery. Looking around alot of these blends are discontinued or if one is...
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    24 is Back! Whose watching?

    Great 4 hour premiere! Did jack honestly believe he was gonna retire? hahaha. Renee coming back colder then ice!!!!! Jack trained her well.. maybe too well?? WOW.. what a surprise. This season looks great!
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    L-Tryptophan Caps, when will they be back in stock?

    Just wondering?
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    Inhibit-E Log

    I'm going to be running Inhibit-E as a stand alone strength/t booster. I have tried another AI (6-oxo) with excellent results but this is the first time I'll be trying a ATD. My goals at this moment is to keep strength up while shedding some bodyfat. I've read numerous reports of loss of libido...