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  1. dbol vs dmz

    I've ran both and to be honest dbol is better to me. I ran dmz three times between 50-60mgs i ran dbol 50mg a few times.Strength wise dbol ****s on dmz,size wise they are almost the same but i prefer dbol for the estrogen conversation helps with size gains & my joints. Sides I would say dbol is...
  2. Hard gainers advice on eating.

    Ghrp6 or mk677 but then againshouldn't be any issues getting in 3k to 4k worth of calories especially if you aren't eating clean
  3. Hard gainers advice on eating.

    Coconut oil,peanut butter, rolled oats,dextrose and maltodextrin make a shake with these and you should have no issue gaining weight
  4. Bam Bam's Journey to the Stage!

    Is it me or running dbol preworkout doesn't cause as much water retention.
  5. Time to bulk

    Week 3 done my weight hasn't moved I'm at 205lbs. My blood pressure hasn't increased,urine is still clear to light yellow through out the day but I wake up in the morning to pee it's light orange some days so I'll be keeping a eye on that.
  6. NetflixNchill tries out sarms

    Lmao thanks
  7. NetflixNchill tries out sarms

    Height and weight?
  8. Time to bulk

    No luck combating the back pumps I'm just dealing with it. Usually on cycle I increase my reps and sets and gradually increase the weight overtime so it doesn't put too much strain on my tendons and joints. I do full body workouts and I tend to stick to mostly compound movements. When I'm on...
  9. New test/dbol cycle pending!

    Congrats on a great cycle man and I'm mirin your beard gains lol
  10. Time to bulk

    Good god 90lbs in three weeks man that's dangerous. How were your tendons,ligaments and joints holding up?I'm running the dbol for a lot longer so it actually builds muscle tissue and it'll be easier to maintain the strength gains but damn man I hope I can get 90lbs on my bench by the end of the...
  11. Time to bulk

    Finally feeling the strength and damn I'm impressed. Weights I usually struggle with are starting to feel light. Weight gain compared to dmz are about the same but I think dbol kicked in quicker.
  12. Time to bulk

    Week 2 is over I'm up 9lbs-10 lbs. Getting more vascular in my Forearms and biceps but bloated 24/7. Pumps are killer brushing my teeth,whipping my ass my arms and Forearms are pumped. Only thing I'm disappointed in is strength department strength hasn't increased yet
  13. Anyone seen someone getting impressive gains from only SARMS?

    Anyone with experience in aas knows he is talking out of his ass and has no real experience with aas.stating you can't run orals for more than 4 weeks.saying anadrol and dbol are useless and don't put on muscle lololol. Same retarded **** I hear parroted on the forums by people who have never...
  14. Anyone seen someone getting impressive gains from only SARMS?

    Everyone always brings up gw causing cancer but no one never talks about it causing cirrhosis.
  15. Time to bulk

    None yet weight is still around 5lbs-6lbs. I'm seriously surprised I'm not holding more water since I'm not running a strength or endurance still hasn't increased.back pumps are constant,blood pressure hasn't increased more.
  16. M-Drol German Pharmaceuticals cycle

    To be honest I got more size gains off of dmz compared to msten but msten gave me more strength gains.
  17. anavar + andro

    Not just Var it's oral aas in general,since they are methylated and broken down by the liver they increase igf1 and much higher rates then compound more resistant to metabolic reduction so it takes longer for your body to break it and nostrum were talking about this last...
  18. Time to bulk

    So week 1 is over,I'm up 5lbs but no increase in strength yet.since I'm taking my dose preworkout my blood pressure has jumped up to 140/79. Probably going to give it few more days if my bp keeps on increasing I'm going to increase my Hawthorne berry dose by 500mgs see if that helps.
  19. Liver Health

    Glad someone said this.nac,ala,milk thistle,liv52 won't lower bilirubin and that's the main cause of liver issues on cycle. High bilirubin levels will cause jaundice.tudca,udca,grape seed extract,dandelion root and a few other strong antioxidants will help combat bilirubin buildup
  20. M-Drol German Pharmaceuticals cycle

    Hate to burst your bubble but it's dmz. Take a picture of the label. 2,17-dimethyl-5-androstan-17-ol-3,3'-azine is dymethazine(dmz). When I first did my research on mdrol by them I thought it was a superdrol clone but it isnt.