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  1. Jm88888

    Unanswered Chicken Peppers Onions and Avocado Bowl

    3oz chicken 160 grams Wegmans Frozen Pepper and Onion 28 grams avocado 1. Chicken grilled previously chopped and bagged 2. Sauté the frozen peppers and onions with spray oil 3. When caramelized add chicken to reheat 4. Cover until warm 5. Serve with avocado on top
  2. Jm88888

    Healthy Chinese Chicken and Veggie

    This makes a serving: -2 servings of frozen Stir Fry Veggies -4-5 oz of pre cooked boneless skinless chicken breast -2 or 3 teaspoon coconut aminos (very important to use coconut aminos vs soy sauce, but this should not be a shock to anyone here) -couple shakes of garlic powder -couple shakes of...
  3. Jm88888

    Melanotan 2 - Have you used it? What were your results?

    Looking for respondents that: 1. Have used melanotan 2 2. Would like to share their experiences with it Thanks all!
  4. Jm88888

    Intra-workout Fruit Punch Gelato

    16 oz water 1/2 scoop Gatorade Fruit Punch 1 scoop Rule R1 Whey Vanilla Ice Cream 5 grams Bulk Supplements Micronized Creatine Obviously you can mix it up based on taste and macros needed, but this blend gets you darn close to the macros in Biotest Plazma Drink... And tastes good.
  5. Jm88888

    Prescribed Synthroid- What can I expect?

    Hi all I was just prescribed Synthroid. What can I expect in the way of: 1. Energy 2. Fat loss 3. Lean mass 4. Sexual function Thanks
  6. Jm88888

    Decent arm? Yes or No

    Hello all. Looking for your opinion... Is this a decent arm? What can I do to make it a good arm?
  7. Jm88888

    Rule 1 R1 Whey Red Velvet

    First taste of this flavor I mixed it with Wegman’s non fat plain Greek yogurt 6oz, 30 grams crushed almond, 55 grams granola. And WHOA! Tastes like I’m eating cake batter here! Great job on this flavor! TheSolution
  8. Jm88888

    Rule 1 R1 Whey Chocolate Peanut Butter Taste Review

    Thanks to The Solution for sample pack of protein. First time ever trying a Rule 1 product. I mixed with 8oz almond milk. Taste was not over powering like some other proteins. Consistency is thin and very light in the stomach, I drank it during heavy squats and volume deadlifts today...
  9. Jm88888

    Chocolate Banana Walnut Parfait

    6oz Plain Non Fat Greek 20g chocolate protein (Whip these together) 1/4 cup sliced banana layered on top 1/8 cup crushed walnuts on top of banana 1/4 cup granola over that AMAZING
  10. Jm88888

    PES Select Protein Taste Review

    bdcc Hi everyone I was able get some sample packs of OES Select that were sent to me, I also purchased a tub of of the snickerdoodle flavor at vitamin shoppe before these samples. I’m going to review the following flavors in a drink and blended into my cream of wheat and write back on the...
  11. Jm88888

    Optimum Nutrition Whey Bad Batch

    Hi guys Think I came across a bad batch of vanilla ON whey. It tasted awful. Luckily Vitamin Shoppe did a 100% even swap out for PES at my request. The batch date was April 18 vanilla ice cream.
  12. Jm88888

    Millennium Sport Technologies RPG intraworkout sponsored log

    Day 1 Taste with 2 scoops at 16 oz? Awesome flavor. But it got a little sweet as I drank it. Going to dilute a little bit more tomorrow for squat day. Would rather a little sweetness. Mixing? Very good mixing. Very little foam like other non instantized BCAA. How was recovery? Did I hit my...
  13. Jm88888

    White Flash, Controlled Labs's new preworkout: SPONSORED LOG

    Hey guys. I’m not going to get too wrapped up in what’s in this stuff. You can look at the labels that I post here and see for yourself. Pretty good clinical doses of some good supplements. Smell: No real notable smell when dry. When mixed faint cherry smell Mixability in bottle of water...
  14. Jm88888

    Balanced Meals Post Workout vs Fat Free meals

    Hi guys Looking for some opinions about eating a balanced meal post workout vs a fat free carb and protein meal. Right now I am eating around 3500 calories a day and slowly gaining, while maintaining body composition. My post workout meal on week days in evening is 45g carbs, 42g protein, 14g...
  15. Jm88888

    Nitro tech crunch birthday cake Unsponsored review

    Sample size (1/2 bar) 5g fat 12g carb 11g protein Taste was really good. Yogurt like coating on outside. Really good birthday cake flavor once you get it chewed up. Nice crunch in middle. A bit like quest bar, but with crunch. I’d buy them....
  16. Jm88888

    Age Force Fat Burner Patch 60 day unsponsored Log

    Hi guys I’m going to be planning a quick 6-8 week cut in the next couple weeks. Got my hands on a 2 month supply of Age Force Fat Burner Patches Current measurements Weight: 184.8 Body fat by caliper at suprailliac crest 11.7% Goal measurements Weight 176.8 Body fat at suprailliac 8.8%...
  17. Jm88888

    Why does it seem all 1 andro off the market recently?

    What happened to 1 andro
  18. Jm88888

    Warrior Diet Log

    Hi guys Im going to log my Warrior Diet Log here. Start date was 2/8/18: 185.0 12.2% BF Diet protocol First meal 12 - 1pm. 3 scoops of protein powder. Second meal non workout 3pm 3 scoops protein. Second meal on workout days 5pm 3 scoops protein while training. Glucose disposal agent...
  19. Jm88888

    Thoughts on Intermittent fasting BULKING

    What are everyone’s thoughts on IF Bulking. Works great for losing fat, but can it work bulking?
  20. Jm88888

    Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash Sponsored Log

    Thanks Hyde for logging opp. 1. Mixing- with tornado blender mixed well. 10/10 2. Taste- was expecting a fruit punch flavor but realized it says fruit splash. So that kinda through me off. Mixed with 8 oz of water. Gonna try different amounts of water. 7/10 3. Energy- clean energy. Zero...