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  1. daft205

    USA Blowout on old supps, must sell

    mod edit: no way
  2. daft205

    Est e-bolish?

    Anyone heard anything about this product? It's a basically Androsta-3, 5 diene 7, 17-dione(erase) in what looks to be a pretty legit carrier(includes DMSO). I know molecular weight is only like 285 so it should work in that regard. I know the compound is well regarded orally just wondering if...
  3. daft205

    WTS.... Some extras on the quick, hopefully

    •Erase pro- $40 •Skeletal balm-$15 •Scivation mass gainer 5lb(vanilla sugar cookie or chocolate) -$40(norm $60+ship) • ageforce hgh powerpatch (30 day)-$20(%80 off) Athletix titanium $15 ---all orders get shipping free shipping with tracking info...payment via paypal...iI always throw in some...
  4. daft205

    PES enhanced for the stim sensitive

    Enhanced for the stim sensitive So first and foremost a huge thank you to josh and the whole pes team for their continued innovation and overall generosity to this community- it is truly appreciated. So I received two sample packs of enhance to beta test... Well, I am extremely stim...
  5. daft205

    Compete mini review

    I received some samples from iforce(by accident won a promotion and recieved the wrong items- when informed vaughntrue, he told me to just keep em and do a lil review) and have recently been using compete. Here are my thoughts- mix-ability- mixes great! A few shakes in a bottle and its good to...
  6. daft205

    Enhanced for the stim sensitive

    So first and foremost a huge thank you to josh and the whole pes team for their continued innovation and overall generosity to this community- it is truly appreciated. So I received two sample packs of enhance to beta test... Well, I am extremely stim sensitive and prone to anxiety so I...
  7. daft205

    Prototype nutrition

    Hey if anyone one has any prototype nutrition products they would like to part with, trade or sell(will trade extra) please shoot me a pm. I have a ton of stuff as well as PayPal. Thanks. Oh same goes for anyone with pumpspray, or any good transdermal for that matter.
  8. daft205

    Pure 25r or laxogenin product?

    I know this an ingredient you guys have used in products of yours inthe past... Was just wondering if there was any chance we might ever see these compounds in a standalone product? I know I'd buy....
  9. daft205

    WTT.... Lets make a deal

    I have a bunch of stuff I'd like trade/sell... Shoot me a pm if you are interested and we can swap lists. Cheers.
  10. daft205

    Anabolic minds newest Ageforce Reps!

    Malleus25 and Data4 join the Ageforce rep team! Ageforce has been lucky enough to pick up two, new, great additions to the rep team and I'd like to take this time to welcome them to the team, as well as introduce them to the AM brethren. Please welcome Malleus25 and Data4.
  11. daft205

    WTT for....

    Looking to make some trades(I uppose buy too)!Heres some of the things at the top of my list- -EAA -endosurge -bulbine -HICA -tta -Na-rala -Ur spray -Thermolife products(pretty much whole line) -Ur tablets -Synthagen -Gda -Transdermals -Nootropics -agmatine A few other items too. I have a...
  12. daft205

    HGH Power patch extreme!

    Now get twice as many patches! Ageforce has a current promtion going on for their popular hgh power patch where for small up charge you can get double the amount of patches per order. For those wanting to run a 3 patch a week protocol(way more effective in my opinion) this is the perfect time to...
  13. daft205

    Finaflex Crea-trona Log- the future of creatine?(sponsored)

    First and foremost a huge thanks to finaflex and specifically dreamweaver for giving me the chance to try out this new, innovative creatine product. As I sure most you already know Crea-trona is buffered creatine capsules which is suppose to give the creatine much better bioavability. I will...
  14. daft205

    Supp sale!

    Hey guys just trying to get rid of sum stuff(most price about 30-50%off )- all orders over $25 get free shipping and free items/samples.Pes Anabeta elite-$35pes erase pro-$35Usp recreate-$25Rls digesta matrix(digestive enzymes)-$8(retails for like $25-30)Pes shift-$10Hit me with a pm if...
  15. daft205

    ageforce 10- hour energy patch

    Ageforce just came out with a new 10-hour energy patch and gotta say the formula looks pretty good. As someone who generally uses no stimulants at first I didn't think much about the potential for an "energy patch", but after reading the write up and viewing the formula am I certainly intrigued...
  16. daft205

    Dafts 12 week AI Testopro log(sponsored)

    Well first and foremost a big thank you goes out to AI for giving me this opportunity-greatly apprecaiate it. Over the next 12 weeks I'll be doing my best to add as much size as i can. Ill be eating arounnd 3300 cal to start and will be working my way up to 4000 plus cals. I'll outline some...
  17. daft205

    Supps for cheap!

    Just trying get rid of some stuff- Ntbm skeletal balm $15 Brutal alchemy ancient strength$15 I-force fadogia $10 Ntbm daa $15 Brutal alchemy onslaught $18 Ntbm better protein bars $10 Inner armour protein shots $10 $5 for shipping. Im also intereted in trades and have many other items- pm me...
  18. daft205

    Phytoserms-347 log(sponsored)

    Welcome to my phytoserms log! I will be running at least one bottle of phytoserms( mostly likely 2) at the recommended dose. I will being getting pre and post bloods done, aswell as including some before and after pics. I am really exited about the potential of this product and have high hopes...
  19. daft205

    Attn iPhone/iPod users!

    Hey guys. So just a little FYI- there is a pretty sweet app called ikeepfit- which is a diet log/ calorie counter and works prett well,, plus it's free! I read some people on here use loseit, which works but is more geared towards fatloss, ikeepfit can be used for bulking or cutting. Honestly I...
  20. daft205

    Flax vs fish oil

    It seems like a lot of guys on here take relatively high doses of fish oil, like 10-20g daily, just wondering if there is a specific advantage of fish oil over flax if taken in similar sized amounts( as both are supposed to provide a myriad of positive benefits, aside from the obvious efa...