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  1. rtmilburn

    Unanswered Metformin's benefits may be solely Agmatine induced I'll post more on this when I have more free time to dig into this more, but I thought I'll share this with you guys.
  2. rtmilburn

    Unanswered Metformin's benefits may be solely Agmatine induced I'll post more on this when I have more free time to dig into this more, but I thought I'll share this with you guys.
  3. rtmilburn

    Rtmilburn gets smart with selank and semax(sponsored)

    I'll be logging the selank first then followed later with semax. I just got my selank today and it was package very uniquely(kinda cool). Not sure when I'll get the semax. However, I'll deal with that later. I received this logging opportunity thanks to NeuroTropic with cognitivenutrion I'll...
  4. rtmilburn

    Can somatozine help my shoulder recovery? Let's find out (a sponsored log)

    Hey guys big thanks to Mike Arnold WesleyInman at ma labs for picking to be a logger. This will be my first go round with mk-667 so I'm excited to see what the fuss is about. I want to let you guys know my log on this is not about size, strength, recomp, etc. This is purely from a...
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    Fastest way to unsubscribe??!!??

    Ok so I have WAY TO many threads I'm subscribed to!!!!! Sooooooo many, it won't even pull them all up, every time I deleted one a new one shows up. Some are from my original join date. Well this is very annoying!!! It is making it impossible to go to old threads I subscribed to because, I...
  6. rtmilburn

    Rtmilburn takes nootropimax

    So I got my bottle of nootropimax today; that I won in the promo. I'll be logging this here. This won't be the most professional log. I will try to note my thoughts atleast 2 times a week though.
  7. rtmilburn

    Family guy mafia funny confusions thread

    Thought this would be a funny thread idea! Confuss to things you've done, said, witnessed, or heard of that's would be embarrassing, FUNNY, bad a$$ or whatever the fuk you want!
  8. rtmilburn

    The updated AM

    Amyone actually like the new version of the AM app? I hate it the last edition of AM before this was perfect, simply, sleek, no bugs, easy to use, and looked better. With this mew update i come acrossed a lot of bugs already from app not opening, randomly closing, pictures blinky the entire...
  9. rtmilburn

    Big 12 expansion talk

    I would like to hear guys opinions on this. Do you think it will actually happen? Seriously though the big 12 has talked about possibly expanding since 2009. Who do you think it will be? And why If different who do you think it should be( i mean your opinion as if your the big 12...
  10. rtmilburn

    Antaeus labs and lockoutsupplements reps please read

    Just ordered a bottle of oneiromancer from lockout through Amazon and the bottle was not sealed
  11. rtmilburn

    Nicotine receptors

    Is there any supps that hit these receptors, other than nicotine? If there is, is there any that won't cause receptor down-regulation? As I feel a supp that hits these receptors would be amazing. It would help smokers quite(I'm not one), would be an amazing nootropic, decent in preworkouts...
  12. rtmilburn

    Virile mane questions

    Ok I'm not shedding or balding at all. I actually have VERY thick and coarse hair. The thing is it grows extremely slow! I can go almost 6 months without cutting it, while still maintaining relatively short hair. I want to grow out my hair but I don't want it to take years to do so. So my...
  13. rtmilburn

    Astravar 2.0 questions

    So I've seen this supplement here and there and I have always looked over it, as I thought it bullsh!t. However recently one of my friends said he tried it and he's said it does exactly what it claims(makes preworkout stronger/helps with absorption) and he loves it. I don't necessarily trust him...
  14. rtmilburn

    Joint supps questions

    I have done some serious damage to my both of my shoulders. I have 1 partial tear and a full tear in a couple ligaments and stretch out all of my ligaments, that is causing multiple subluxations daily, in my right shoulder. In the left i have separated my ac joint to the point it broke my collar...
  15. rtmilburn

    Who has deals on REBIRTH and DERMACRINE

    I want to try dermacrine, as recent bloodwork showed low pregenolone levels and i want to try supplementing to see if it helps some of my symptoms. Plus i have wanted to try it for a long time. However I'm not fully convinced that its not suppressive. So after i finish i want to use BLRs rebirth...
  16. rtmilburn

    Training old school?

    So have been talking to some old bodybuilders and to my superise alot them were using very similar workouts. One of them actually wrote up his workout for me which was Everyday twice a day any varation of 50 push ups 75 sit ups 30 lunges each leg 25 pulls ups Monday 5x5 deadlift 5x5 squat...
  17. rtmilburn

    Getting shredded with EvoMuse log and more(unsponsored)

    So this is my log of my first real cut. I will be using EvoMuses' BRITE, Metabolic Rebirth, Epitome, OL's gw, and my last couple days of AgeForce Maximize patchs. I will be eating about 1800-2000 cals a day; which is about 200-400 below maintenance for me. It will be low carbs as well as i...
  18. rtmilburn

    Intermittent Fasting questions (also log)

    IF has Intrigued mean a lot and has some interesting science behind it. It seems like a way that i can diet and limit the inhibiting factors i have. As i can starve myself easily but when i am eating i have a tendency to pick bad choices; mostly caused by emotions(i am clinically depressed, i...
  19. rtmilburn

    Blood flow and elevation

    Is there any supplements that actually increases blood flow? If there is a supplements that increases blood flow; will it increase blood flow to hands and feet as well? I ask because i have poor circulation to my hands and especially my feet. It doesn't bother me to much other than in winter...
  20. rtmilburn

    High volume question

    Does this help with actual blood flow not just pump? I know, from personal experience, that this is fantastic for pump; but does that mean it actually increases blood flow? I ask because i have poor circulation to my hands and especially my feet. It doesn't bother me to much other than in...