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  1. Resolve10

    SNS Energized Aminos Log

    Intro: A little different log here, but going to be playing around with SNS Energized Aminos. I have a full tub of the Pink Star Candy and some samples of the others. I'll lay out how I plan to use this (planning to try it in a variety of ways) as the log progresses. I train hard and am not as...
  2. Resolve10

    VasoForce XT Review

    VasoForce XT Review: Formula: -This stuff is pretty stacked. -Big fan of the combinations: 1) Glycerol for hydration/volume style pump with an efficient dose (1g+ is enough in isolation) 2) Vaso6 at a huge dose. 300mg is the usual, I’ve seen improvements with as little as 150mg and 600mg is...
  3. Resolve10

    EvoMuse BMP 2.0 Log

    Background: Vitals: -Height: 5’8” -Current Weight: ~173-174lbs -Current Bodyfat: ~10% -~7-8% on one of those fancy stand on + handheld scales, but as noted before not sure its super accurate. Training: -Currently 5 days per week. M-F, weekends off. Still same as last couple months and same as...
  4. Resolve10

    CEL Anabolic Effect Log

    Life is crazy so it has already been a week, but I want to at least get weekly thoughts for this product up! I bought this of my own finances, will run at least 2 bottles (if it works I’ll extend it), and I’ll cover more details below, but it is the only major change for now. Figure after all...
  5. Resolve10

    Resolving to get WARPED a Controlled Labs White Warped Log

    So just got this guy in the mail, was going to post a picture but the mailman kind of crushed the can so it doesn't look great! Want to thank Hyde and Controlled Labs for the chance to give this a shot. So lets go over a bit of the basics of this to get it out of the way and then we can get...