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  1. MK-4541 Apparently it prevents prostate cancer and builds muscle. But can that MOA really be side effect free?
  2. Payment methods

    Is PayPal option gone for good? My CC gets rejected for some reason. I've used it before but I think it was the old site then. International
  3. Virile Mane serum

    I started using a bottle I had as I noticed my hairline receding a bit. What is the best way to wash it of? Seems that some always gets into contact with my skin and my face is then red and a bit irritated for a half hour. Any ideas other than washing it off upside down?
  4. Superior crap********google&tf_medium=cpc&tf_term=mind%20lab%20pro&gcl****CjwKCAiAs8XiBRAGEiwAFyQ-enBmkyXohi8nukyymBAwegY8g79__M2MN6j1yjA5wOSGhcSs_zGVDhoCh0MQAvD_BwE Another superior "quality and value". Really average profile.
  5. Protect hairline from DHT

    Any good ways? I've heard it's not only DHTs fault but it's relation to other hormones. But what hormones? Can't find that. Any meds that don't have side effects ? Any natural ways? Don't say saw palmetto.
  6. Lower progesterone

    Any way to do it? Herbal stuff preferred as I could get it easier but could try RC too. My blood test showed progesterone and SHBG is too high. Working on lowering SHBG (recommendations for this welcome too) but not sure how to lower progesterone. Estrogen was mid range, prolactin in lower end...
  7. company label promotions

    Got reminded that Controlled LAbs has a promotion, gifts (products) for labels. What companies do similar promotions?
  8. BMP must be real popular

    Because it went real fast. And here I was thinking I could try it out
  9. Creamax XT unflavoured lable

    I opened this old tub I had and noticed something strange about the lable. Serving size and active ingredients don't add up but there are no other ingredients listed. what's up? or is it that only extracted ingredient is counted there (like only glycerol is counted but there is 1/0.65 times more...
  10. 7 keto headache

    Anyone know the reason some people get headaches?
  11. App not responding on my new phone

    Hi, Got a Pixel XL, Oreo. Every time I choose Settings, it stops responding and turns screen black . Anyone had that problem?
  12. Ageforce healing review

    So I crashed when cycling and fell heavily on my elbow. About a 2-3cm (1 inch) cut that had to be stiched and it was really painful to move it for days. Straight awat I started my usual injury healing protocol: curcumin, vitamin C, Lysine, raised creatine and carnitine dose. In addition I added...
  13. what is fiber? really

    Fiber Blend (Polydextrose, Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin, Inulin, Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum, Psyllium Seed Husk, Gum Arabic). ON fiber supplement. On first glance it seems from ingredients 2 fiber and 2 that might halfway be fiber. Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin? what's that supposed...
  14. Best training for female

    What would be best? I've been helping my niece get into better shape but I don't really know what would be best. I've been having her do 3 sets 8-10 reps. I personally believe that higher weight with lower reps would be better but I'm afraid she might injure herself if I raised the weight. And I...
  15. Riot promo

    The promo email said it's being discontinued. I hope DMHA isn't the cause? If anyone else is interested: great coupon if you aresigned up for email newsletter and Riot is already discounted.
  16. holy Citrulline

    What do you guys think. Kind of a new take, Citrulline and COP might be dosed quite good.
  17. holy Citrulline

    What do you guys think. Kind of a new take, Citrulline and COP might be dosed quite good.
  18. this still happening?

    I just couldn't believe that. It's 2017 and he is suggesting Ostarine for PCT.
  19. Chemical X released

    Lazy reps. Email came yesterday. :) Actually I have another slightly related question. The Helios BOGO isn't showing up in the cart. If I order 1 or 2, will I get 2 or 4?
  20. Thank you

    Got a bunch of samples with my order. only 3 different but about 15 in total. It was a very nice surprise.