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    Start your cut early with Invictus

    We are looking for two members to do a full month run of the premier topical cortisol supp Invictus. Member must supply before and after pics as well as a review on the Iron Legion site when done. Rules Must be member in good standing Must be able to update 3-4 times a week US only
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    Iconic Formulations B2G1 till Friday

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    Iron Legion BOGO

    Buy something for your special someone get something for you. What better way to enjoy VDay then with a gift for yourself also. From now till Friday.
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    Last days for Iconic Formulations Stack Sale

    Get in on the last few days. Save 40% on stacks.
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    Iron Legion wants to Boost your DHEA

    Iron Legion is looking for 2 members who need a little boost. We know the time right after the holidays it's tough to get back to the daily routine. Packed gyms and dreary weather take a toll on everyone. We want to help. We are looking for two forum members who want to run a bottle of VII-KT...
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    Neuro P5 Log opp

    Get the chance to log one of the best single ingredients for Cognitive help. Apply here
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    Iconic Formulations wants to open your mind with Neuro P5 Logging Opp

    This time of year we all get tired and run down. Iconic Formulations hears this and we are offering to re-energize two forum members with a chance to run a bottle of Neuro P5. Each bottle contains Pregnenolone 25mg/ml x 30ml. Pregnenolone is known for the follow: Pregnenolone is used for...
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    An Iconic Black Friday

    Starts 11/23 Fine print Applies to products only. Endo Amp is excluded at get 1. Excludes stacks. Limited quantities
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    Iconic Formulations site back up

    We are back to the good old .com site. Iconic
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    Answered Iconic Formulations new site
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    Answered Iconic Formulations Site Down

    Gentlemen and Ladies, We are currently having an issue with the site. If you were going to purchase under the sale please pm me and I will make sure it is extended. Again we apologize for the issue and hope to be up this weekend. Thank you for your support.
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    Answered Iconic Formulations Good Nights With Dream Tea

    We are looking for 3 members to test Dream Tea and CBD combo. Each member will receive a supply of Dream Tea and a 2ml sample of topical CBD. Loggers must log at least 10 usuages of the tea. Dream Tea is a bulk tea which is prepared and drank as a relaxing and calming beverage. Each bag of...
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    Answered An Iconic Labor Day Sale

    Get the best topicals at the best prices.
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    Answered Ultimate Nutrition Closed
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    What Makes Your Summer Iconic

    Iconic Formulations is giving away a bottle of Neuro P5 to two AM members. Just show us what makes your summer iconic to enter. Enter as many times as you would like. Info on the product Pregnenolone Topical Beta (beta bottles do not come with product labels, but will just be identified at...
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    Unanswered Iconic Formulations is looking Neuro AET Loggers

    With the introduction of Iconic Formulations new line, we are looking for two members to log our all new Neuro AET. Members will be required to post at least 4 times a week, a video of application and a review in the review section. Now with Clary Sage. Some of the benefits users may get from...
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    Iconic Formulations Testosterone Recovery Stack Log Thread

    Here are the current logs DJBombsquad
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    Cheftepesh Joins The Swole Patrol

    A big thank you goes out to @ZOO for giving me a chance to log this product. This will be my first run of 3-AD. I'm excited as I have run several other PH with some good results. I will be dosing this at one 3 times a day. This will be used on a cut running 1200 - 1500 calories. Current weight...
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    Buy More Save More With Iron Legion

    The more you get the more you save.