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  1. mickc1965

    DHEA supplement

    Will taking DHEA as a standalone supplement be of benefit to a 52 year old natural lifter?
  2. mickc1965

    Rapid Weight Gain

    Back Story - Going back a few years (2011) I was approx 220lbs but with a high body fat % and was not training so fast forward to today I tend to stay leanish (10-15% and currently weigh 170 and maintain at ~2600 kcals) but during festive periods / holidays I pretty much eat what I feel like but...
  3. mickc1965

    mickc1965 training log

    I generally train using either using Bryan Haycock's HST (albeit a modified version) or Borg ***erli's Myo Reps, currently doing HST full body on a daily basis (AM/PM split) with an A & B Routine (reduced volume) but approaching the end of the 5s block but it didn't start like that so i will...
  4. mickc1965


    I am due to go back to the doctors on my 51st birthday (13 June) as I now seem to have zero libido, rarely get morning glories, constant feeling of tiredness (fall asleep at work during lunch) and my moods are getting worse. I went to the doctors in November 2014 (with similar issues that I had...
  5. mickc1965

    BCAAs and anxiety?

    Hi all My nieces boyfriend has suffered from anxiety since his early teens but not for quite a long time (he is now early twenties), can taking BCAAs make this worse, reason I ask is he has recently started taking BCAAs and has had three panic attacks in the last three weeks for reasons he...