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  1. How heavy for farmers walk?

    When using the trap bar, how heavy should you go? It is a point where I “think” that my knees might snap, for me it’s above 385, is it necessary to go as heavy as you can (as with deadlifts for an example) or is it ok to go semi heavy? Might be a silly question but I have a tendency to chase...
  2. Best long term add to TRT?

    Is it anything to add that make things better, for health, more free test or whatever?It can be OTC or UG.
  3. Ice baths?

    Anyone use ice bath for recovery? I do ice bath here and there after hard sessions or if I’m really sore, I have done both with and without a warm shower after, I feel a lot better with a hot shower after but read it might take away some of the recovery effects. What is you guys experience?
  4. Pine Pollen bark?

    I ran into an article about it where it said it had a lot of benefits, increased test and lowered bp among others. Anyone had any luck?
  5. Pine Pollen bark?

    I ran into an article about it where it said it had a lot of benefits, increased test and lowered bp among others. Anyone had any luck?
  6. Any vegetarian bodybuilders here?

    I’m watching a show on Netflix called The Game Changers, it’s about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. I’m not sure I’m buying it all but I think most ppl would benefit from eating more greens. My question is, what do you guys eat that eating a vegetarian diet and how much protein do you eat...
  7. True Shred

    When can we expect a sale? I want to get a bunch of bottles 😬
  8. Deals for True Shred

    Anyone know any? I want to get a few bottles and hoping to find some Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals
  9. Anyone using Resveratrol?

    I seen it as a natural test booster and estrogen controller with other health benefits, anyone had luck with it or felt any noticeable difference?
  10. Var vs Tbol?

    For ppl that used both, which one do you prefer for strength, fat loss and which one is less faked? I used Var a few times but thinking about switching it up next time, thanks for any input.
  11. Unanswered SD vs Msten

    How do these 2 compere in strength gains? I like SD but it’s some cheap Msten around, no experience with Msten, curious if it’s worth to get some? Thanks for any input.
  12. Anabolic Effect deals?

    Want to get me a second bottle (half way through my first) and wanted to know if it’s any deals/discounts around?
  13. RAD 140

    How do Rad compere to other oral steroids in terms of strength, fat loss and cardio? I haven’t been interested in SARM’s before but a co worker did some Rad and had great results and now I’m more curious.
  14. How to function without Adderall?

    Lol, I’m not that bad but it would be nice to be more alert those days I don’t take Adderall, any suggestions? I tried L Tyrosine in different doses, it helps a little but not as much, caffeine not very much. To be totally honest, even though I take days off, I don’t think I could quit all...
  15. Unanswered Knee pain from deadlift?

    I got some knee pain from deadlifting, or maybe the stiff legged one, anyone else experienced knee pain from these exercises and have a tip how to get rid of it?
  16. Unanswered Anyone skip calves?

    I rarely do any straight calves work, I’m blessed with decent size calves from the beginning and do a lot of hill sprints and cardio workouts that makes my calves sore. My question is, do I really need to lift calves for powerlifting?
  17. Unanswered Anyone have experience with Meldonium?

    I talked to another AM member about Meldonium, I been curious about this drug since I saw some athletes getting busted with it, anyone else here used it?
  18. Unanswered Anyone used Sesamin?

    Someone on the anabolic side recommend Sesamin as cycle support to help with cholesterol&liver, anyone have experience with that? I read up on it and it said it could do that but I haven’t heard anything about it before so I just wanted to check if anyone has used it.
  19. Unanswered I got SD!

    My shipping of Superdrol arrived today, very excited to try this out. I’m planning to do 10mg ed for 3-4 weeks (depending on how I feel), I want to stay low&short since this will be my first time with SD and I don’t want to gain too much weight but looking forward to the strength increases and...
  20. Unanswered Stim free fat burner?

    Is it any good ones out?