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    Merry Christmas AM bros & sisters!
  2. BennyMagoo79

    Answered BennyMaggoo's Training Log

    Took a bit of a mental break over the last 2 months. Perhaps It would be more accurate to say, I had a mental breakdown 2 months ago, although this sounds dramatic now I have committed it to page. I have been training, trying to work through a powerlifting recovery program written for me by my...
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    BennyMagoo and Iconogenin

    Welcome to my iconogenin log. A very big thankyoy to Iconic Formulations for this opportunity and also to cheftepesh1 for convincing the boss to send it to me all the way our here in Oz. Before I begin this I should disclaim my possible bias: I am a fan of Iconic Formulations, and I have used...
  4. BennyMagoo79

    BennyMagoo cuts the fat

    Ok, it's time to do something about this Christmas holiday blubber. Currently, I am 110kg, I would like to get this number down to sub 100kg. I am going to start logging my food and daily activity in this thread, with regular weigh-ins and some before and after pics.
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    Cool Podcasts/Youtube Channels

    Hey bros, looking to expand my mind with some cool podcasts. What's everybody watching?
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    What to do with raw SARMs

    How do you guys consume/administer raws? I have recently purchased some raw powdered SARMs and was basically wondering whether these can be directly consumed or if they need to be mixed in with solvent or oils?
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    High grade psoas tear

    It seems I have torn my psoas quite badly getting up from benchpress yesterday. Physio has prescribed some basic movements for rehab, but I am wondering if any of you guys have experienced this injury and how you overcame it?
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    BennyMagoo's Training Log

    Hi AM. Firstly, my stats: 37 yo 230Ib at ^^25% BF 396Ib S 308Ib B 550Ib DL About me: Married with 2 kids, plumber working 24hrs for a local utility provider, just bought a house, train 4am 6 days a week. Goals: Strength, fitness, longevity. Why the log? I recently logged an LGD cycle and...
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    My SARMs log

    Hello to everyone here at AM. Im 37, approx 25% bf (think it might be a little less but havent measured it properly for about 4 months) been lifting seriously for 3 yrs now, following my own programming based upon 12 week macro cycles with 3 meso cycles of 4 weeks (3 loading 1 deload) with...