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  1. Rad83

    Why isn’t Methyldiazirinol more popular?

    It is supposed to have an anabolic:androgenic ratio of 300:20 ...That’s ‘pretty, pretty, good’ yeah?
  2. Rad83

    Sh(r)ed some light on this unknown brand?

    It’s a Halodrol clone.... No brand name or web presence that I can find and I’m good...🕵️‍♂️
  3. Rad83

    BioLabs Pro ?

    Dermacrine is money ! But have any of ya tried this one?
  4. Rad83

    Screwball on Netflix

    Great documentary ! Let’s talk about it [emoji461]️
  5. Rad83

    Oral BPC-157

    Anyone have any good experience with it? I’m looking at a fairly reputable one made by the narrows labs guys... Thanks
  6. Rad83

    Serms etc. Shelf life

    With the proposed ban BS...I’m thinking of stocking up on some RC ancillaries...After all, “no serm, no cycle” How long do liquid serms and such stay good, kept in a cool dark place (aka hidden in my closet lol) Thanks
  7. Rad83

    Your fave. Tudca?

    I’m looking at a few right now...Curious if anyone likes the Nutricost brand, they are less expensive but I don’t know about the quality... (I’m looking for 500mg per day, for an 8-10 week sarm cycle)
  8. Rad83

    Unanswered Search function not working ?

    Anyone else having this problem?
  9. Rad83

    Unanswered Lgd & Osta

    Considering either stacking these or doing one for 4 weeks and the other for 4 weeks (8 Total) Do they ‘compete for the same receptor?’ (I know a lot of the pre-made Medfit stacks include both...) This would be my 2nd cycle...Goal is to recomp, lose a bit of bf% while getting stronger and...
  10. Rad83

    Unanswered Jumping in the Kratom game...

    I have a pack of red kratom, (I’ll post a pic later) 5 capsules 12 servings. It’s supposed to be relaxing... How many caps should I start with and if anyone has any experience with “red” lemme know. Thanks
  11. Rad83

    Unanswered Cyanobol; What is this?

    Lookin at this on eBay...What is it? Anyone experience with it? Thanks [emoji123]
  12. Rad83

    Unanswered Rasa Research

    Can any bros’ vouch for them? I’m ‘gearing up’ for a cycle... They have a website, (google it)...take cc and have decent prices... Thanks [emoji123]
  13. Rad83

    Unanswered Landmark ...?

    Anyone have any experience with this brand? (A local guy has this hexadrone, pictured) Thanks
  14. Rad83

    Unanswered Quick Andro’s and AntiBiotic question

    Just got hit with an ear infection...On my way to pick up antibiotics. Already took a dose of 1 andro and EpiAndro earlier today... Can I finish the last 4 days of this cycle and take serm WITH antibiotics? Thanks [emoji123]
  15. Rad83

    Unanswered Cycle length for andros

    Anyone run 1 andro etc. longer than the recommended 8 weeks? ...Just curious. I’m 7 weeks into 1 andro, Epi and might add some 4 andro...Feel like it took a month just to kick in... Thanks bros
  16. Rad83

    Unanswered Blood Pressure on EpiAndro/AndroHard/1 andro

    Checked it right now at the grocery store...It’s a bit high, but I’m curious as to everyone’s opinion here, (this is a beginner cycle after all, and I’m running on cycle support...)
  17. Rad83

    Unanswered Sick while on an Andro Cycle

    ...I’m 3.5 weeks into an EpiAndro & 1 andro cycle and am sick today....Is it ok to take a couple days off the andros? I’m taking cold medicine and now I’m just most concerned about getting better...
  18. Rad83

    Unanswered ...Yet another andros question

    [emoji123]Gearin’ up (pun intended) for (hopefully) an 8 week cycle in June. I’m reading numerous ‘Mandro the giant’ reviews on the strong website, which make note of little to no libido. I thought adding in the 4 andro and/or Epi would mitigate that? How does one look their absolute best and...
  19. Rad83

    Unanswered Have eBay and like to troll idiots?

    This guys been ‘trying’ to sell Super Mandro for $200 ...I wrote him once and he’s got a real shite attitude...
  20. Rad83

    Unanswered New vs. Old cel cycle assist

    Did a search and couldn’t find it being covered before... 1st is a photo of the new and 2nd is the one that’s on ama zon that I was going to purchase...Why’d they remove the b vitamin and policosanol? Also what the difference in the forms of zinc?