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  1. DIM and clomid?

    This was a horrible reply, Clomid is great and are regularly used by Dr to boost test, recovery and sperm count. It can raise estrogen but not as much as you make it sound like. For reference my last blood work showed a test level of 1100 and estro at 50 after 8-10 weeks of 25mg ed. I also went...
  2. How many cycles a year?

    Even though I tried a lot of stuff I’m not the most experienced but I can’t see how 1-2 “responsible” cycles a year will do much, if any, harm. When I say “responsible” I mean not abuse a compound and do low to moderate dosage&length, do throughout PCT as well as using support supplements. This...
  3. PCT Length 4 or 6 weeks?

    PCT is one of those things you can’t really overdo, I do 8 weeks of Clomid when I PCT. Sometimes with a OTC test booster.
  4. Deadlifts and lower back pain

    I see, maybe use the trap bar for heavy carries and build up your back, otherwise invest in some technical training with a good trainer to optimize your technique.
  5. Deadlifts and lower back pain

    Try the trap bar, it’s less punishing on the lower back.
  6. Is Clen worth it?

  7. Ice baths?

    yeah I shower cold as well and if I shower warm I finish with cold, it’s refreshing and wakes you up.
  8. Ice baths?

    Anyone use ice bath for recovery? I do ice bath here and there after hard sessions or if I’m really sore, I have done both with and without a warm shower after, I feel a lot better with a hot shower after but read it might take away some of the recovery effects. What is you guys experience?
  9. clomid and 4 andro together?

    Take a break from the Clomid, your levels will be suppressed either way. I took Clomid while on a Anavar cycle and even though I felt good my test was 43 in the 7th week. Save the Clomid for PCT.
  10. Any love for Betaine Anhydrous Or HMB?

    For you guys that use Betaine anhydrous, how much are you taking?
  11. AAS Perfect Pump Pre-workout

    I use the KOS brand from Amazon.
  12. AAS Perfect Pump Pre-workout

    lol, well noting beats that. ;) I use the powder so 1 scoop, whatever that it is in mg. I had no expectations from it but now I don’t want to workout without it. Idk, maybe the powder is better than the capsules, it has a lot of other benefits that could be good when you’re ON.
  13. AAS Perfect Pump Pre-workout

    I started to use Beet Root powder a few month ago and I have got the best pump from it, better than all the other stuff you mentioned and it’s cheap. Idk, maybe you should try it before you spend that $ on the other stuff, I’m sure it’ll work, but more is not always better. Beets have a bunch of...
  14. needle size for trt

    me too. I’m happy I’m not the only one
  15. needle size for trt

    Anyone ever use same needle to draw and shoot? I know, I’m lazy...
  16. Unanswered Shilajit - best natural substance for testosterone?

    Have it been a noticeable difference since you started the DHEA?
  17. Unanswered Shilajit - best natural substance for testosterone?

    What brand of DHEA?
  18. Maintaining cycle mentality

    I don’t have any issues with that but I think it’s some OTC stuff that could help with your anxiety. Setting realistic goals off cycle helps as well. Good luck
  19. Maintaining cycle mentality

    I think it’s just a state of mind, you get excited when you’re ON but less excited when you’re OFF. Find a good pre workout and set OFF goals, just like you do when you’re ON.
  20. Cardarine

    Idk,Cardarine seems a little too good to be true, that the product even have cancer connected to it is enough for me to stay away