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    Ostarine during PCT optimal?

    You could prob get away with 10mg of osta in pct it'll just take a bit longer to recover. You could even get away with 20 - 25 mg of s4 in pct being that it's not suppressive until 50 mg or so. I think Ara should be a no brainer in pct tho. Add in cardarine and mk677 and you're g2g
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    Unanswered Injectable Sarms ? what the?

    I don't think they've gotten that far, although it's literally the same thing as s4 but without vision sides. I'm interested in inj yk11 tho.
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    Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    You know who has face tattoos? Xanax rappers
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    Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    Ok so I saw a story on Instagram with the new Olympus lifestyle, are you guys really using guys with face tats drinking bcaa's at a party? I have plenty of tats and I'm all about them, but face tats is ridiculous and I really hope this isn't the new way you're marketing your products and the...
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    Do you regret it?

    I regret all the money spent on bcaa's and test boosters when not in pct.
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    Unanswered RAD140 TEST

    No it's not a test base, infact you need a test base for it, lethargy is real
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    Unanswered Mk ate my full bottle while I was out

    Is this real life ?
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    Unanswered (MK 677/Ibutamoren) all year around studies

    Ma labs, Pure Rawz, New Roids is the way to go with anything that has to do with said research subject, your orange turkey bird, purple rabbit frog, pink fluffy bunny etc...
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    Unanswered I cannot decide between DMZ or Msten

    If you can't decide run both. Yolo.
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    Unanswered 1-Andro and Epistane?

    Epistane and s23 or rad 140 would be saucey
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    Topic of the Week: You were spoiled by Prohormones

    Cel h drol was my first cycle. Took about 2 weeks to kick in and fuckin a bro did it. Put on 20 pounds in 4 weeks. 40 pounds on my bench. I've done a handful since then but nothing has compared to that first one. It's the chase that keeps me going to recapture that first cycle. Looking back I...
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    Answered Medfit RX Silverback

    Wait is this your very first cycle or first real cycle? Inquiring minds want to know
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    Unanswered S23 experience

    Correct on that one sir. I drive for a living and driving at night, well, let's just say I've made better life decisions.
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    Unanswered S23 experience

    Better than s4. I've ran s4 also, put on a little bit of size, strength gain was minimal and leaned out a bit. S4 is prob better when stacked with something.
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    Unanswered S23 experience

    Where you get it from
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    Unanswered Rad140 and test base

    8 - 10 pounds isn't impossible on rad. 12 or more is a stretch unless you stack it with something.
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    Unanswered S23 experience

    Start with 15 - 20 mg dose. Assess and adjust accordingly. You can go up to 40 - 45 mg. Split the dosage also to twice a day. Def pre workout should be one of the dosages.
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    Unanswered S23 experience

    S23 will give you similar gains to winstrol. I've ran it. Get a test base, if you go the oral route, 4 andro is preferred because s23 is crash estrogen levels or if you're feeling froggy add in epi andro. Make sure you have tudca and cycle support. Full pct. Clomid or nolvadex. Drink plenty of...
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    30mg RAD140 = 300mg Test a week?

    There's videos about this on YouTube about this topic general assumption is that it's not a good idea
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    Unanswered CEL Anabolic Effect - Natural Anabolic

    Is it always going to be like this ?