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    Since the update, I lost my "awards." I had 4. I believe they were from how many posts you have. Where did they go? How are you awarded now?
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    How long is an opened Multi dose vial good for?

    I have a half used 10ml bottle of sustanon that has been sitting for a year. I think I switched from it to something else so there was some left over. I don't see any particles or anything in it, but I probably couldn't see bacteria if it was in it. Doesn't the benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate...
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    Best PH of all Time Best PH of all Time Just giving it a bump
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    First of all, is this the right area to post about SARMS? Ok so I've never taken a SARM. I laughed whenever they were brought up. I thought "just another snake oil." Never researched them. Firmly believed they had no potential. I've only taken real stuff... The oils and the orals. My friend...
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    How many mg testosterone in each tic mark

    These questions have been asked, but I forgot the answer. I'm using test E 350 once per week. Yes I know test E is better splitting up injections for stable levels. I like doing it once a week. I was shooting for 400mg to 450mg and I realize 1 1/2cc would be 525mg. How many mg are in each...
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    Hgh 3iu dose protocol

    Quick question. If I take 3iu a day, should I split them up into two 1.5 iu shots or just 3iu once daily?
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    Best PH of all Time

    What do you consider to be the best PH/Designer Steroid of all time? Your reason?
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    Equipoise AKA Boldenone! I have quite a lot of this stuff. But have never really used it. I think my reason was that it greatly increases anxiety. My question: what the heck is this stuff exactly, and what does it do? How is it better than other AAS? When would you use it? Half life? Does...
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    Simple Bulk Cycle

    I have been cruising on 200mg Test cyp for about 3 months now. About ready to start a bulk. I'm going with Sustanon 350 l(I know all test is the same, this is my favorite for bulking) Deca 400mg per week, and adrol or dbol first 4 weeks. My question is, is this still the recommended bulk...
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    Does it matter? Or just bragging rights/egos?
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    What motivates you to workout? To do what you do? What motivates you to workout? To do what you do? "And here’s what I will share with you, that in the process of working on your dreams you are going to incur a lot of disappointment, a lot of failure, a lot of pain, a lot of setbacks, a...