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  1. The Whizard

    Best OL Product to increase sperm count?

    Please inform me.
  2. The Whizard

    Best Deal on Top GDA?

    Looking to stock up. I know there are plenty of quality GDAs now but where is the current best deal???
  3. The Whizard

    Best Nootropic for memory

    What single product would be the best for improving memory? 100mg or less of caffeine. My fiance doesn't like feeling stimmed out.
  4. The Whizard

    Defuse :(

    Defuse seems out of stock everywhere. What are people's cheat meal stack with defuse MIA?
  5. The Whizard

    Magnitropin vs ABE

    Which is best solo for a bulk/recomp?
  6. The Whizard

    Beginner Program

    What program would be best for a novice lifter? Looking to gain strength. Stats 170lbs 5'11" ~18%BF
  7. The Whizard

    Overlap in HUGE stack?

    Which of these supplements have major overlap with another? Ex. I realize that Follidrone and MassMax both have epicatechin, but that is not a major overlap. Bulk Supplements HMB EvoMuse Gut Health Controlled Labs Orange Triad Performax Labs Alphamax XT Performax Labs MassMax XT Olympus Labs...
  8. The Whizard

    USA WTS/WTT Test1fy PRO

    Three unopened containers. Wanting to trade for Alphamax XT.
  9. The Whizard

    PH talk

    What's going on with all the PH talk in this section lately. Doesn't that belong in the Anabolic's section?
  10. The Whizard

    Novice Program

    What workout program would be recommended for a novice? I'm looking to gain mass and strength. Stats Age 27 Weight 150lb BF ~10% Height 5'11"
  11. The Whizard

    Libido Booster

    What single product would you recommend as the best libido booster?
  12. The Whizard

    Tri-Dermal DMZ 2.0 Stack Advice

    I'm looking to start my first PH cycle and looking for feedback. Stats 5'11 26 years old ~167 (~14% BF) at time of posting, but won't start until I'm at 160 (~10% BF) I have trained for 3 years, only 1 of which I was serious about. I know I am nowhere near my natural limit but I am still...
  13. The Whizard

    Favorite Cycle Supports

    What are your favorite Cycle Supports for a Methylated PH cycle? I realize it is dependent on the specific compounds used, but in general what are your favorite products?