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    Unanswered "Roidtest" Experience?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to help a brother out. If you have experience using Roidtest, will you please send me a PM? Thanks guys!
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    Answered Desoxy Test Ace?

    Hey guys, I was going to pick up something, and thought about Desoxy Test Ace. Never tried it. What do you think of it? What are the effects? Thanks guys!
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    Unanswered Slight euphoria from PRE CARDARINE??

    Anybody? I've noticed a slight euphoria when I first dose PRE's liquid Cardarine. It just seems really weird, so I waited until a week in, to make sure it wasn't my imagination. (This is NOT a promotion. LOL)
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    Unanswered Cardarine

    Hey bros, I have some questions regarding reliable Cardarine. Could someone please send me a PM? Thanks
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    Is There A Thread For New Site Questions?

    Has anyone seen a thread for questions regarding the new interface for this site? ... For instance, is the PM capacity the same? How do you delete PMs? .... Etc..
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    Cardarine sweat and/or night sweats?

    Just wondering if any of you have noticed increased sweating and/or night sweats when taking Cardarine. I sweat a lot anyway, but today my routine was different. I normally take Cardarine in the morning, but today I took it in the afternoon. I had noticed that I wasn't sweating this...
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    Which brothers are in the UK?

    I had a question for 1 or 2 of you brothers in the UK, if you don't mind. But I can't remember right now who is. Thanks!
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    Hideous stomach pain

    I realize that this isnt entirely Anabolic....but this is where I post, and I "know" many of you from here. I had to come to the Hospital because I have unbearable stomach pain for the past 4 hours. For those that pray...please pray for me. I need a diagnosis, and something for pain. They...
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    Arimistane Question

    I've read over and over that Arimistane does nothing to control Estrogen. However, it can be hard on the joints. Sooo..... naturally (for me) my question is....If it does nothing to control Estrogen, where does the "hard on the joints" come from? Thanks