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  1. UPDATE 2-14

    Myosynergy? Please
  2. The New Product Release Thread

    I'm guessing it will be natural. There has been way too many emails from them lately
  3. Unanswered What is everyone's Thoughts On Turmeric ?

    Fantastic post dude
  4. Has anyone ever heard of Youthatropin?

    Lol poor little Robby upset the can’t hang with the big boys. Sad guy. I would suggest looking for a supplement to lower your estrogen levels there laddy
  5. Has anyone ever heard of Youthatropin?

    Justthere4 has been a valued member on this site for a very long time and he went way further than I would have to help you. He has spent countless hours helping individuals with their questions. You were the one who resorted to name calling (Im guessing youre around the age of 15???) because...
  6. Has anyone ever heard of Youthatropin?

    lol dude just take the crap and report back. people tried to help you and you acted like a turd in response. prove us wrong, we dont give af
  7. Evomuse BMP reviews

    Big BMP fan here
  8. Giving Viron Another Shot...

    I would also look at getting your gut health back in order after a round of antibiotics. That stuff decimates the gut biome
  9. Best test booster currently

    Go on.....?
  10. Glaxon flight

    Anyone have any experience with this new product or experience with any of the ingredients that it contains? I'm unfamiliar with many of of the ingredients.
  11. DCP Update

    How many things are you taking? This is the third or fourth post about the same topic in regards to different supps and water retention.
  12. Genius PRO-GT

    Another interesting strain is Lactobacillus plantarum PS128. It can be found online
  13. Antaeus Labs: Hydra Head X

    I emailed the company twice to inquire when it will be in stock and no reply. Lost a customer in me
  14. The New Product Release Thread

    Not free for Canadians. Most are 20-30 servings except BA and creatine but that should be so. Great products though as I alluded to already. Like I said, some are well priced, especially the ones with patented ingredients but others are overpriced.
  15. The New Product Release Thread

    You didnt come across as rude at all my man. I have a lot of respect for you on these boards. All good dude
  16. The New Product Release Thread

    Some are varying degrees of overpricing and perhaps "vastly" wasnt an appropriate word as they are def solid products. perhaps they are just out of my comfort range. def top notch however and I certainly wont bash the company and hope it doesnt come across that way.
  17. The New Product Release Thread

    SYNTHEGEN PROTEGEN THERMOGEN MORPHOMEGA MORPHODRIVE MORPHOREM CREATINE I find those are overpriced. some more than others. only my opinion
  18. Genius PRO-GT

    I started it today funny enough. The one Ive been trying to locate which doesnt seem to be picked up by a manufacturer yet is this one
  19. The New Product Release Thread

    I like the morphogen products but some of the pricing doesnt make sense to me. All $48 regardless of what is in them. some vastly overpriced imo
  20. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    Ya i dont see the similarity either. i do like both but they are quite different