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  1. RANS0M

    Unanswered When to take T2

    I have some T2 on the way from Vital Achemy. It doesn't say on the bottle or anywhere that I can find exactly when to take it. Pre workout? Before a meal, with a meal? Lmk bro
  2. RANS0M

    Answered S23 and Trenavar stack

    Haven't found anything about a stack on this. I've ran both but not together. I know s23 can crush estrogen and Trenavar can raise it. Anything I should be running with it? Test base I know. Sick gains but how exactly could this work ?
  3. RANS0M

    How creative can I get with Salvo ?

    I haven't found much on different transdermals people have come up with. I heard people using clen, laxo and 7 keto. Perhaps sr9009 would be a good one. Interested to hear different compounds and combinations
  4. RANS0M

    Adding yohimbine powder to supernova

    I have raw yohimbine powder and I know supernova already has it but was wondering if you could add more? Has anyone done this and would it work ?
  5. RANS0M

    Sarm ACP-105 info and details

    Did some searching and couldnt find anything on here, bored at work so I figured I'd make a thread. Enhanced Athlete has a new sarm called ACP-105. Its just like S4 but NO VISION SIDES. If you're interested in S4, F that noise and go with ACP. Results/benefits are very comparable. You need...
  6. RANS0M

    Recomping with Ep1logue and other goodies

    Recomping with Ep1logue, Super PCT, Assasinate, strength unleashed, Forslean, Organic maca, ashwagandha and Sup3r 7. I only have about a week left of assasinate and when it’s done that’s when I’ll add Sup3r 7. I’m not in PCT. Nutriverse has a nice deal on Super PCT (3 for $70 I believe). I’ve...
  7. RANS0M

    Great video on Ignit3 Breaks it down nicely.
  8. RANS0M

    Iron Addicts Gym Miami raided for selling steroids DEA agents storm Iron Addicts Gym in Miami Mike Rashid wasn't arrested
  9. RANS0M

    YK11 Log for the beasts

    Ok fellas here it goes. I'm running YK11. I gunned down a protein shake and took my first 2 pills on the spot. Each pill is 5mg. From here on out I'm taking it pre Workout. I took it today because I was excited lol. This is my 4th cycle. I'm running this with 4 Andro, Osta and Ignit3. Doing...
  10. RANS0M

    On cycle support for LGD?

    I have Sarm3D which is LGD, MK678 and Osta. 8 weeks worth. Should I run cycle support for this or would I be ok? Just trying to piece together this cycle before I start
  11. RANS0M

    Super DHEA and Epi Andro together?

    Could this be stacked together or would it be too much of a test base? Doing research for my next cycle soon and didn't find anything
  12. RANS0M

    Question about possible sign of Gyno & IML EpiTren

    I have 2 bottles left of IML EpiTren and I want to run them along with stano fairly soon. I did a 4 or 5 week run a year and a half ago and had decent results but didn't keep dem lean gains because I'm a fat ass at heart and slacked off during pct. lesson learned. About 6 months after the cycle...