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  1. jalfrey

    Sweating my a** off with the new Bloodshr3d—unsponsored

    Hello AM and welcome to my first review in a couple years! This will be at best a mini-log to compare the new BloodShr3d to the old RAW edition. I'm not particularly cutting right now but want to mitigate some of the poor food choices I will undoubtedly make this holiday season. I won't go...
  2. jalfrey

    Mind & Muscle and Olympus Labs Presents "If You Like Sweat and Coladas"

    No worries, I'm not going to post up the video to the pina colada song here. I thought about it, but just can't. It's like a crime against humanity. What I can do is thank cheftepesh1 and double s for selecting me to run a product I've been very interested in but just haven't picked up yet...
  3. jalfrey

    RADIATING the Sweat With RXS Supplements!

    Always have to give thanks to the fine reps and companies who support the AM family! I always respect companies who are willing to put their product up for close scrutiny. Especially ones like RXS Supplements who are just starting out but already making big waves! So FireTitan , TheMyth ...
  4. jalfrey

    Trouble placing order

    Hey guys! I'm trying to place an order online and the site doesn't give me any options to enter my credit card info. Worse still, just above the "place order" button the site tells me there's been no payment arrangements made for my state? I'm in North Carolina, the same state as Nutraplanet...
  5. jalfrey

    50% PROMO CODE!!

    I realize that more and more of the AM family are using the great AM app on their phones instead of hitting up the browser. With that in mind, I want to share the promo code that you phone users might not see in my signature! Use code "RJA" at checkout for 50% off your entire order!! All the...
  6. jalfrey

    **Cordygen-NanO2 is now 25% stronger!** That's right! 1 scoop of Cordygen-NanO2 is now equivalent to 12 grams of of cordyceps! Cordygen-NanO2™ combines our exclusive OxyCeps-NanO2™ cordyceps extract with our C-NanO2 Drive Matrix™ to create our...
  7. jalfrey

    I Freakin' Love APS Mesomorph! *Sponsored Log*

    Like the title of the log says, I love Mesomorph. 1 scoop and I'm in the zone and cranking out reps like my life is depending on it! PricePlow just named it their #1 PWO for 2016 for very good reason! I don't use it every day, but I do...
  8. jalfrey

    Watching the lbs drop with Sparta EPIMAX! *sponsored*

    Great thanks to the Greek gods and the reps at Sparta Nutrition for finding me worthy to log one of their newest products, EPIMAX! From their website,"EpiMax utilizes the highest dose of Epiandrosterone with Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to increase aggression, muscle mass, strength, recomp...
  9. jalfrey

    MST needs 4 loggers for some post-July 4th 'Murican SHREDS!

    Are you looking to get some last-minute summer cuts in after celebrating 'Murica on July 4th? We're looking to help 4 people on here do that with a full bottle of Shred-ULTRA! Shred-ULTRA™ combines potent thermogenic & adaptogenic ingredients to promote energy, healthy appetite control & fat...
  10. jalfrey

    Quick 4 Day Nutra-Innovation Pump Log!

    I'm currently using 11-KT from some new guys on the block, Nutra-Innovations. They have some novel and impressive new products and so far I'm liking the KT very much! Here's a link to that log
  11. jalfrey

    It's almost Shirtless Summertime with Nutra-Innovations 11-KT Spray!

    Big thanks to my boy smith_69 , NutraChem, and the rest of the Nutra-Innovations team for selecting me to run this product I have absolutely no experience with! But, I'm confident that it is going to help me get just where I wanted to be when I started this cut way back in January! Each dose...
  12. jalfrey

    Jack'd Up or Mesomorph?

    I'm sure I can't go too wrong with either. But I'm running low on Meso and am just wondering how the two compare to each other. I used the original Jack3d a few times but don't remember much about it so I can't use it as a comparison to Meso.
  13. jalfrey

    Test Driving New PNI Prodigy

    I'd like to thank stryder for including me in on the beta tester round for PNI's new version of Prodigy. As you can see, it has quite the profile! A couple of these ingredients I don't have any experience with. Namely, 2-amino-6-methyl and PeakATP. Everything else is widely used and known...
  14. jalfrey

    Happy Customer!

    I used to regularly order from Nutraplanet until the warehouse and owner change. To be honest, with a lot of the bad feedback floating around here I had switched over to another site sponsor. But, I took advantage of their crazy cheap offer on USPLabs MaxREPs and not only did I get my order...
  15. jalfrey

    ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! Let's get chiseled with ALRI HumaPro! *sponsored* Video Cliff Notes-- Another big thanks to VaughnTrue for giving this experiment the go ahead! I'm cutting hard for the next 3 weeks. Going to use HumaPro for the next 3-4 weeks to replace up to 150 grams of my normal daily protein intake of 200-220...
  16. jalfrey

    BPS Dermacrine for the Win! *sponsored*

    This is a momentous occasion. This log represents both my first time with DHEA and being able to rub it in-rub it in when it comes to a supplement. Thanks to lukehayd, BPS, tyga tyga, and iThrow for gifting me with a beautiful 130 pump bottle of Dermacrine! It promises to increase...
  17. jalfrey

    MST needs some RagNOrok-ers!! (PWO logging opps!)

    How much active ingredient is in a serving of your pre-workout product? 3 grams? 5 grams? 8 grams if you're lucky, right? RagNOrok-ELITE™ is our new, battle ready, workout altering, training intensifier that sports over 13 grams of active and impactful ingredients per serving...
  18. jalfrey

    Boo! Controlled Labs' Red Ghost Log *sponsored*

    I'd like to give a big thanks to Sean1332 and the rest of the Controlled Labs team for setting me up with a log of their new fat burner, Red Ghost There is also a nice assortment of samples which I'm looking forward to using and will include reviews of in this log. I've been cutting since Jan...
  19. jalfrey

    APS Mesomorph--Rocket Pop YUM!

    Lots of respect to ManimalPB and the rest of the Hi-Tech team for handing out full tubs of Mesomorph a couple weeks ago. I was fortunate enough to get the Rocket Pop flavor that I've heard much about. It did not disappoint! After reading reviews, I decided to start up with 3/4 scoop. Here's...
  20. jalfrey


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