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  1. hairygrandpa

    Lifting after triple bypass heart surgery, gonna show you how its done!

    2 weeks ago I had a heart attack, right after training. Now recovering from triple bypass heart surgery. I'm 51. Follow me on my journey. I gonna withstand all obstacles and keep lifting, no matter what. To keep me from working out, they would need to amputate all my limbs, tongue included. Pics...
  2. hairygrandpa

    Vicious Labs: "BLIGHT"

    Blight = Cortisol control, KSM-66 (Ashwagandha ) Took 2 capsules x day. Experiences: -Helps recovery, no doubt! Noted it after about one week. -May make you sleepy for the first 2 weeks My verdict: Worth the money! 5/5
  3. hairygrandpa

    Beat the old guy competition, for fun and glory!

    For everyone with too much time and who wants to show me what a puzzy I am: Beat my numbers! Here a bunch of exercises everyone can do. I regularly will edit this first post, according to new records and exercises. Just post the exercise and your numbers below. I'll post names and new records...
  4. hairygrandpa

    HGP tests BLIGHT from Vicious Labs

    Translation: "Whoever wants to go out with my daughter, needs my permission." -Aileens dad- I sent this pic to all her contacts from her phone, now she is pissed, LOL! I'm 51 years old and recovery after training takes way too long for me. Stress levels are high, because I have to watch over my...
  5. hairygrandpa

    7 Days fasting. Zero calories for 168 hours. HGP's short log

    Today it started, lets see if I can pull that off. Self imposed rules: 7 days fasting, no gym. allowed: -electrolytes (minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc) -vitamins (pills) -stimulants/thermogenics (have some "Radiate") -black coffee -tee - "Lithos" by Apex Alchemy (TD formula...
  6. hairygrandpa

    Apex Alchemy -Lithos- Hairygrandpa gives it a spin

    What caught my eye is, Lithos has a highly purified pomegranate extract. Pomegranate is gaining momentum nowadays as a potent aid for many illnesses -and for anti-aging. Have a look:
  7. hairygrandpa

    Before - After / Progress pics competition / Instant Progress!

    Show us your instant progress pics! Rules: -"Before and After" pics have to be taken on the SAME day. -Name the supplement that gave the results. No filters or Photoshop! Edit: Name of the supplement used: "Bam!-Strol"
  8. hairygrandpa

    Hungry? Food cravings? Gone in a second! -click here-

  9. hairygrandpa

    Gaining muscles while losing fat. HGP tries the impossible, watch me fail!

    I'm 50 and want the body of a 20 year old. Ludicrous? Watch me do it. No guarantee this will be accomplished before 2025. Pics show me after about 3 years of training, after at least 14 years of doing absolute nothing but eating, drinking and farting. I'm currently on 250mg test/w and...
  10. hairygrandpa

    Unusual training approach: "EOD feeder exercises for ALL muscles"

    You surely have heard of this. Its a bro-science approach to get you into symmetry. Example: After arms day, train the lagging left biceps the following day with high reps/low weight. Well, I thought: "If this works for lagging body parts, why not train the whole body this way -and bring...
  11. hairygrandpa

    Pregnenolone & DHEA, The trans-dermal solution from "Iconic Formulations"

    Pregnenolone & DHEA, The trans-dermal solution from "Iconic Formulations" Anabolic steroids and TRT apparently decreases SHBG, DHEA, pregnenolone and progesterone in men. Therefore it makes perfect sense to supplement with the precursor hormones DHEA and Pregnenolone. "Iconic...
  12. hairygrandpa

    No more hangovers! "Neutralize" by Advanced Dietary Formulas, it works!

    Neutralize by Advanced Dietary Formulas Got a free promotional tub from "Advanced Dietary Formulas" of "Neutralize". A supplement promising to eliminate "hangovers" after a booze filled night of alcohol. Here my Saturday night "workout" with friends: Gave a friend 6 caps, so he could try...
  13. hairygrandpa

    Low HDL after oral cycles only a lab error?

    I saw a video from "enhanced athlete" in the past (now no more available, was taken down) , where he stated that the drop of HDL is due to its molecular size "grows" when using AAS -and its now not detected by labs. Meaning there is NO drop in HDL -but its undetected, leading to the assumption...
  14. hairygrandpa

    Anti inflammatory / Joint Mechanic- Plus by "Millennium" Does it work? Lets find out!

    Anti inflammatory / Joint Mechanic- Plus by "Millennium" Does it work? Lets find out! This is a sponsored log of "Joint Mechanic Plus" from Millennium - Sport Technologies. Currently not taking anything anti inflammatory to evaluate this product better. "Joint Mechanic Plus" has a number of...
  15. hairygrandpa

    Muscle twitching, cramps on cycle - What exactly is the cause?

    Whenever I run orals in a cycle (Sarms, Roids, PH's ), I get cramps -or constant muscle contractions in any muscle after week 5. What exactly is the cause? I don't get it from injectibles. I imagine its an electrolyte imbalance, possibly paired with inadequate hydration - but WHAT is the cause...
  16. hairygrandpa

    Blast: Trestolone Acetate + Testosterone + Superdrol + LGD / Hairygrandpa blowing up!

    Cycle layout: -Testosterone (50/50 undecanoate/enanthate) -Trestolone acetate (Ment) -Superdrol -LGD Ancillaries -Raloxifene -Letrozole -Tudca 750mg/d -B-Vitamins -Saw Palmetto -Telmisartan on hand -Caber on hand No PCT, I'm always on (cruise/blast) -Test: Week 1-12 350mg/w -LGD: Week...
  17. hairygrandpa

    DHEA/Pregnenolone for menopausal woman, Age Force sponsored patch log

    Hairygrandpa here -and no, I'm not a woman. :) This log is for my wife. She is not a bodybuilder and her English skills are not as good as mine -meaning I report on her findings. Wife: -Age 49 -very active, Zumba, Pilates We got 2 month worth of DHEA/Pregnenolone patches. Here some of the...
  18. hairygrandpa

    NTNM - Diet , my un-scientific approach to leanness

    I gained a few pounds on vacation. With renewed energy and dedication, I will this time stick to my diet. Its a combination of intermittent fasting and complete fasting. I call it: NTNM - "No train-no meal."TM -One meal on training days, no meal on off days. -Only time a meal is allowed is...
  19. hairygrandpa

    Trest/Ment + Ralox cycle questions

    I did a oral Trest+TD Trest cycle in the past, got bad gyno symptoms even on 1mg adex ed. Did a follow up cycle of Ralox and got rid of the gyno. Now the questions: Is it sound to run Ralox and IM-Ment together to avoid gyno? If so, should I take an AI on cycle -or does Ralox suffice? My...
  20. hairygrandpa

    Lowering blood pressure while getting shredded, have a look!

    The "wonder" drug is called: Telmisartan It's a prescription med to lower BP. Following are excerpts of study findings and below the relevant studies: -In addition to blocking the RAS, telmisartan acts as a selective modulator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ), a...