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  1. irishiron300

    Unanswered OL?

    I know these guys are heading into a new HQ. They have dropped (or are dropping) SKUs as they streamline the company. It sounds like big things are coming, but what’s that going to look like?
  2. irishiron300

    Melatonin before exercise?

    Crazy question, I know. I was driving home today and I suddenly remembered reading an article from a few years ago about melatonin prior to lifting for an added GH boost. Did I remember incorrectly? Has anyone given this a go? Notable growth or reduction of BF? What was the outcome? Discuss.
  3. irishiron300

    BSL Glycolog

    Hey guys, it's that time of year again to start thinking about summer. Planning out diet and supps for the summer. Looking for feedback on BSL Glycolog. Obviously diet/training will be on point, but does it do what it sets out to? One of the actives is cinnamon which does help with...
  4. irishiron300

    BSL Dust Extreme Reformulation?

    Word is they are taking the DMAA out. Anyone have info on rhyme/reason?
  5. irishiron300

    NP is the best

    Hey guys, I got in on the black Friday deals and it has already shipped and it's only 1030 am on Mon! I can't wait to get my tubs of xtend and act extreme/triazole combo. My only regret is I didn't have more to spend. I was def eyeing the specials on iforce products. Keep up the good work guys...