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    Anybody else deal with this? I have it at L5.. Some are saying fusion as an only option, while others are saying the epidural injection will help a lot. The pain is from my right glute down to my right ankle. Walking and standing is brutal. I can sit and ride my mountain bike all day long with...
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    First Tren cycle

    About me: Turning 48 next month Been on trt for close to a year (100mg week) Ready for my 4th or 5th cycle (not sure) Previous cycles were test only 500mg weekly Right now @ 200lbs. Trying to drop 20 by March 1st.. Here's what I'm thinking. As far as everything I've Been reading most people...
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    Unanswered Best appetite suppressant?

    My brother in law is asking me for the best suppressant on the market. Myself, I like a 200mg caffeine pill and 25 mg of ephedrine. sometimes, I throw in the aspirin too. I've been away from the forum for a while now. Is there anything else ya'll would recommend?
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    Stiff neck help!!

    I need some help. I went to bed last night with a very sore, stiff neck. Like a muscle knot back down, behind my ear.. Sleep was horrible. 4 ibuprofen did nothing for it. I'm out of town, so out of network for health insurance reasons. What would ya'll do? Deep tissue massage? Acupuncture? Very...
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    Starting my Summer Cut with Iron Legion (Sponsored)

    Huge THANK YOU to cheftepesh1 and the rest of the Iron Legion team here on AM.. Very generous of them to give these high quality supplements out. For this log, I'll be running VII-KT and Invictus. I've run Invictus solo, but never tried the VII-KT, so I'm really excited to use these two...
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    Need upper body advice

    I've been trying to cut for the upcoming beach season. Last week, I took a bad fall off my mountain bike and tore my acl.. This means no more cardio for a while. I'd like to try to continue a cardio workout in the gym for upper body. Does anybody have a good circuit training routine for...
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    Enhanced has turned on the RED LIGHT! (sponsored)

    First off, I need to thank Sean1332 and the rest of the Controlled Labs group for this opportunity to log their product. By looking at the ingredient profile, this looks like exactly what I could use in my life right now... I'm 46 and could use all the help I could get in all the areas that...
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    Biceps tendinitis in the shoulder

    I just had rotator cuff surgery last September. I've been working out since probably April. These past 3-4 weeks, I've been experiencing more pain than normal in the front of my shoulder that extends down the bicep area. This sounds exactly like bicep tendonitis in the shoulder... The last 2...
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    Traveling with gear

    I'm going to be flying a few states away this Tuesday, returning the following Tuesday.. My pin days are Monday morning and Thursday nights.. Anybody here travel with gear?
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    Pea Protein?? New Product

    My wife's company (network marketing), has finally come out with a protein powder. I wasn't at the presentation when it was released, but my wife is all excited about this. It's being touted as a meal replacement protein made from pea and grain protein, and also containing prebiotics. Without...
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    BPC-157 dose

    Wasn't sure where exactly to post this. I've got two 5mg bottles of bpc-157 that I've reconstituted with 2ml of bac water. From what i've read, it looks like 250mcg 2x per day is the average dose. I'm using this for a torn meniscus and acl. With the above mentioned solution, how much would I...
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    Deltoid injections - aspirate?

    As the title asks, is aspirating the deltoid necessary? As of now, the only spots I'm using are the vg's. I have 23gx1" needles. I've seen varying opinions on aspirating different sites.
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    Cleaning out my pantry, I came across a few bags of powders.. 2g Dien-base 1g arimistane 5g formestane Do I have enough of any of these for a useful run? How would you administer these? TD? Oral? I also have a bottle of Iron Legion Salvo.
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    BPC injections

    OK, I've mixed my BPC w/ bac water. I'm now ready to start injections in my delt for a rotator cuff injury. I have BD syringes 3ml 23gx1". I want to dose 250mcg 2x a day. Looking at the barrel, I honestly have no idea where 250mcg would be.. The markings are 1/2ml, 1ml and so on.. Is the...
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    BPC 157 for rotator cuff

    I've finally decided to give the BPC a shot at speeding up the healing process of my rotator cuff surgery recovery. I'm about 6 months out of surgery. I've recently started lifting again (very, very light), trying to work some of the tightness out of the area. I was actually able to do...
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    Feeling new again with Mr. Supps DIM (sponsored)

    Huge thanks to all the reps over at Mr. Supps for the opportunity to log this. I've never run this before, so I'm curious to see how it treats me. I have to admit, I wasn't very familiar w/ DIM, so I did a little research. This stuff looks so simple, yet so beneficial!! I'm 46 years old...
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    SARMS for healing?

    OK, I am 5 months out from rotator cuff surgery. I'm just now starting to be able to lift weights again, but was wondering if there is anything that could help speed up the healing process. Are there any SARMS that aid in healing? I'm not trying to rush things, but sadly, working out is my only...
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    SARMS for healing?

    OK, I am 5 months out from rotator cuff surgery. I'm just now starting to be able to lift weights again, but was wondering if there is anything that could help speed up the healing process. Are there any SARMS that aid in healing? I'm not trying to rush things, but sadly, working out is my...
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    30 Days till the Beach! Suggestions welcome

    OK, so I have exactly 30 days till I'm on the beach w/ all my neighbors. I'm on a quest to drop as much weight as possible in the next 30 days. I've already dropped 18 since Dec 11th. (the day I went back to work from a 5 month layoff due to surgeries). I've been doing a clean diet, with...
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    EC stack - why aspirin??

    So I haven't run this in a few years.. The 1st run was with the baby aspirin. Since that 1st time, I've run it without the aspirin.. I may have even tried the ecy stack, but don't remember. Lol. Can anyone tell me why adding the aspirin will help me? Am I good just running ec? Thanks