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  1. daft205

    USA Blowout on old supps, must sell

    aloosecannon done.
  2. daft205

    USA Blowout on old supps, must sell

    On top of this, I may consider trades as well, for those that may prefer that option.
  3. daft205

    USA Blowout on old supps, must sell

    For anyone who has received a list- if you see anything that interests you AT ALL, please feel free to make an offer. Or I've quoted you a number, feel free to counter offer. I REALLY want to get rid of this stuff.
  4. daft205

    USA Blowout on old supps, must sell

    In box now open.
  5. daft205

    BPC 157, formerly written by me! For all injured athletes!

    You may have already read this- In this study they talk about bpc effects when it's "given directly into the stomach" as wel as it "unusually stable" characteristics and thus effects on gastrointestinal lesions.
  6. daft205

    BPC 157, formerly written by me! For all injured athletes!

    All they looked at in that study was tendon damaged, and they concluded bpc was effective in all deliveries studied, including orally. That does not mean it wouldn't work locally in the gut as well, if there was damage there. I think the fact that it worked well systemically via oral ingestion...
  7. daft205

    BPC 157, formerly written by me! For all injured athletes!

    I believe it has solid oral bioavailability and gut issue you can just drink it. I have diveriticular disease and was researching at one point and seem to remember that some people were getting decent effects(for gut issues) consuming it orally.
  8. daft205

    USA Blowout on old supps, must sell

    mod edit: no way
  9. daft205

    how far away from competition level do you think this is?

    Great physique! You are shredded! I just had a dexa scan a few weeks ago and I was 7.7% bf- you are visibly much drier than I am. I would say you are no more than 6%. You could be stage ready in a hurry.
  10. daft205

    USPlabs **Ultimate-T** BETA TEST & REVIEW THREAD

    I The ic is cool because it's gives consumers a chance to try new products at deep discounts. Plus the hype and anticipation is always a fun bonus. the double money back guarantee is awesome because it means this product is likely very effective. I mean who offers double money back if there is...
  11. daft205

    new to this need advice . flame me if u want idc .

    26 inch biceps? Um, no. Just no.
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    SR9009 Log

    If you had read the whole page you would have seen the pay thing was just a joke- it is April fools after all.
  13. daft205

    Any SUPP that helps heal soft tissue injuries?

    I'm in the same boat. Research prolotherapy, prp injections, prolozone therapy, the graston technique. Also research bcp157 and tb-500.
  14. daft205

    Cycle structure for the natural trainer!

    Excellent write up! I've dabbled in dc before so I've read a bit of that previously but still a nice concise layout you've put together- really appreciate all the work. If you wouldn't mind sharing further, any other personal diet and supplement protocols as adjuncts to the aforementioned...
  15. daft205

    Douchebags at the gym...

    Yep. Sonoma county, work in sf. The original squeeze in sac is supposed to be the better of the two. I use get this super good(crazy fat content) fried chicken sando there, but the last few times to quality of ingredients just seemed to have degraded.
  16. daft205

    Douchebags at the gym...

    Yeah I use to love that place but the one I go to(in napa) has gone way down hill over the years.
  17. daft205

    Laxogenin 5a-hydroxy (str3ngth)

    Do you guys have any coa's? Or independent 3rd party testing? No disrespect intended at all, I'm just curious if Olympus has any "proof" that what's in strength is indeed legitimate, pure laxogenin. I've just read in multiple places that often times what these overseas manufactures are selling...
  18. daft205

    My back recovery thread

    I will be definitely be following along! It really sucks to be dealing with an injury like this but maybe we can bounce ideas off each other in the hopes of a full recovery for the both us! I've learned a lot from your posts in the past so if there is anything I can offer(even if it's just to...
  19. daft205

    My back recovery thread

    Wow man! I feel your pain brother- I've going through basically the exact same thing for the last year. I bulged l4-l5, and bulged with protrusion l5-s1. Did a lot of the same protocols as you- MRI, chiro, acupunture, decompression, pt, etc. had some neuropathy as well and just like you it kind...
  20. daft205

    L-Theanine as anxiolytic and comparison with phenibut/allo

    I'm not sure if any amount of theanine is gonna ever "feel" like phenibut- it has some relaxing qualities just very mild in comparison to something like phenibut. I got some celtic dreams in a trade(allopregnolone seemed very interesting to me) but I was unaware it was a nasal spray until I...