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    This. Fern Soy lecithin granules are cheap at Sprouts grocery store here in california, and it acts as a fat emulsifier. I took it with my xgels preworkout and enjoyed it a lot
  2. Cordyceps > Peak02 for endurance

    Sounds like a killer stack to me.
  3. Unanswered Oral Clen

    Dosing protocol I’ve seen: Start off on 40mcg run it once a day preworkout more than 6 hours before bed time Increase the dose in a few days once the body acclimates Repeat this process until it reaches 240mcg then stop increasing Run for no more than 4 weeks Then come off for 2 months minimum...
  4. Cordyceps > Peak02 for endurance

    I haven’t used peakO2 on its own, but I love quake 10.0. I did this semi “CrossFit” conditioning course (made by a power/oly trainer to address conditioning usually not present in powerlifting programs) and I switched between OL reign and quake 10.0, and noticed I had better conditioning...
  5. Unanswered CEL Anabolic Effect - Natural Anabolic

    I want to stack this with mtest 👌💪🏼
  6. HGH solely for skin?

    Board sponsor: Sarmlabz was having a 50% off sale for New Years. Drops a 30mg/day supply to 40. If you can’t get that, I saw a 35% off which was the price I was quoting
  7. HGH solely for skin?

    Real hgh seems pretty expensive to be taking purely for skin. Unless you have a source, you’d probably be spending over 200/month. IMO, it is more cost effective to buy some mk-677 and run that instead. Some of our board sponsors were having deals where you could spend less than $30/month...
  8. Who’s got the best legit stack out right now

    I wouldn’t do anything hormonal without a serm. OP, what about sarms? The board sponsor Sarmlabz has a 50% off sale right now. They have individual sarms for 40 on sale and they have premade mass, power, or shred stacks for $75.
  9. AMN - Actual Intelligence (for focus)

    I’d stay away, all doses seem pretty low besides noopept.
  10. Q&A for ELIM1NATE (NEW)

    Will this be okay for females too?
  11. Tren questions

    A natural anabolic that helped me was Phosphatidic Acid. Cheapest way to get it is through fern soy lecithin. It also has choline in it to help with focus so I dose 2 tbsp am with coffee then 2 tbsp preworkout. Non hormonal and will help alongside creatine. And they have natural bulkers that...
  12. Good Seller/ Bad Seller Feedback

    Kaiyas_daddy great seller, shipped right away and sent tracking.
  13. Any interest in a GW/Clen log from Woman?

    If IBS gets in your way, I’ve heard many people getting relief through Evomuse Güt Health. Idk if I can post a link, but check out the write up on AM and you’ll see post #9 someone mentioned it helping by Day 10 (and a couple more examples). Hope you can find some relief...
  14. Any interest in a GW/Clen log from Woman?

    In for this
  15. USA FOr sale: bmp powder

    20 plus shipping for 2?
  16. Yellow Borneo -Capsules - Coming Soon

    Will the zelle special still be available when this is released?
  17. How to do a Test Enanthate cycle properly and prevent sides

    They just tell you your levels, but people here and elsewhere can help if you’re levels look low. So just post your bloods once you get them back. And you can usually find a discount code, I think mine was only $56 at the end of the day
  18. How to do a Test Enanthate cycle properly and prevent sides

    You can use privatemdlabs and have them do a female hormone test for pretty cheap.
  19. Shilajit Fans?

    I was just wondering if people on this forum like shilajit or not. I personally feel it should be a staple in my cabinet. I haven't tried TruZMA but I have tried two different brands of shilajit and love both. One was a liquid (NowAlchemy water suspended) and the other was a powder...
  20. How do YOU take your SL granules?

    From what I understand, post with a shake isn’t the best time to take it. Like with bcaas, they don’t work as well when taken with protein, rather you’re supposed to take it beforehand. So I thought morning and pre if you workout in the afternoon was better than pre and post with your protein...